I am a postgraduate researcher and writer pursuing a career in music and pop-cultural academia. My current research interests are below:

2017 - 2019 - M(Res) in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies
Working Title: Nice For What: A Critical Analysis of Drake, Millennial Feminism and Performative 'Wokeness' in Hip-Hop Fandom

I am a feminist, a millennial, and a hip-hop fan. It is near impossible to balance all three, but I find myself one of many young women trying to do so. Through the case study of Drake, an omnipresence in Hip-Hop who has maintained a significant female fanbase through displaying sensitivity and introspectiveness, I explore the feasibility of 'wokeness' in relation to gender equality in modern hip-hop, working with fans to decipher their belief in Drake as a genuine feminist ally, as a clever marketeer, or indeed, if this affects their enjoyment of the music at all.

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2011-2014 - BA Hons in Music Journalism
Final Thesis Title: The Revolution will be feminized : Is Music Journalism becoming a girl’s world? How is this reflected in the staffing, editorial values and audience reception of the British music press?

My undergraduate degree sparked my interest in academia as a career and in particular, an interest in the sociology of music consumption, gender, emotional reaction, and marginalised groups within the music industry. My final year research project tied into these concepts, and was an exploring of gendered approaches to music reviewing in mainstream media publications, interviewing various female music critics and educators on music journalism degree courses to determine patterns in the differential approach between male and female critics.