'It's just a spark, but it's enough to keep me going'

by - Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Outfit - Coat: Vera Moda, Jumper: Primark via eBay, Dress: Vintage

Day 2 of Leeds Fest was probably the one I was most excited about, musically speaking. Unfortunately the weather decided to, quite literally, piss on my bonfire by raining sporadically throughout the day, which meant sheltering in the nearest tent everytime the heavens opened. Not exactly the #ootd backdrop I was after, but still an excuse to sport my favourite mustard jumper over one of my favourite ever vintage buys - a dress I nabbed at a Uni fashion sale for just £4 and trimmed down to knee length. 

Having planned my preppiest outfit in special homage to Vampire Weekend, I was a little annoyed that mega-babe Ezra Koenig didn't pay me back in kind and chose to wear a full Nike tracksuit onstage, but would you look at that floral backdrop? Totally forgiven. As well as Vampire Weekend, I also managed to catch sets from Gerard Way (whose new solo stuff sounded ace), GirlsOnDrugs, CrossFaith, Southern, Drenge, The Front Bottoms, The Orwells, AlunaGeorge, Sbtrkt, Queens Of The Stone Age and of course, my faves Paramore. You all know already that I think Hayley Williams is an absolute goddess, but even I was impressed at how she managed to run around so much and still sound pitch perfect. It was lovely to hear new songs from their self titled record fit so well with older tracks - I may or may not have squeezed out a little tear during 'Last Hope'. But ssssh, if anyone asks, it was just tuborg dripping down my face, because I am TOTALLY that rock and roll. 

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