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by - Saturday, May 03, 2014

Happy saturday of your bank holiday everyone! I'm back at my family home down south at the moment because I'm on a placement with NME.com - commuting to London every day has really taken it out of me! It's lovely to come home after a tiring day to my family and not have to worry about cooking dinner or doing my washing, and their company isn't half bad either. Still, I do miss my Kevin, and it'll be great to see him again next weekend for my birthday.

Still, I thought I'd spend my saturday catching up on a little retail therapy with my mum. Kev's mum was kind enough to give me a £10 gift voucher for Boots a few months ago and I finally got round to spend it today. I am no beauty blogger by any stretch - my idea of getting dolled up for a night out is putting on a second coat of eyeliner to my normal one that I wear on a usual day, and I've never really progressed much further than that. Still, my obsession with nail varnish cannot be tamed, and with graduation looming, I thought I could do with a special shade and my first foray into lipstick to make me look a little special for the big day.

So here's my mini-haul! I swear by Rimmel varnishes so decided to stick to one brand. This little lot came to 10.17 with Boots 3 for 2 offer, so I only had to use 17p of my own money - result! Both varnishes go on as neatly and dry as quickly as you would expect from Rimmel - the 'Rose Libertine' (£3.49) is a super pretty pastel in just one coat, although looks lovely with two. The glittery one is 'Disco Ball' (£2.99), which I layered over a grey shade to create a subtle 'Queen Elsa from Frozen' shimmer. That said, this would also look lovely on it's own, if you're patient enough to build the glitter up using a few coats. I'm a big sucker for Boots body sprays and was after one of their delicious Vanilla body sprays to make up the extra pound of my voucher, but the cheeky lot have made the bottles a lot bigger and started selling them for £4.50! Shocking. Still, I picked up this 'Citrus and Red Berries' paradise shores spray (£1.69) which is almost as good, girly and summery.

I also bought a lasting lipstick in 'Heather Shimmer.' (£4.99) I had initially gone into the shop planning on buying one of the Rimmel lip crayons, but after struggling to find a shade that wasn't too sickly pink on me, I found this lovely tone which had just enough brown hue to create that much sought after 'your lips but better' natural tone. It glides on well, doesn't cling to imperfections and has the bonus feature of smelling and tasting just like refreshers sweets, which might not be to everyones taste but is certainly mine. I've already had a cup of tea and it's showing no signs of budging which is great.

Ignore the awkwardness of my selfie (my hair was NOT playing ball!), but you can see how subtle the colour is.

What do you think of my Rimmel purchases? Have you bought anything from Boots recently?

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  1. I genuinely also own everything on this post haha we are twinnies! And yes yes I am stalking your blog (I do it when I miss you)

    Anna xx

    1. Awww you sweetie! Slumber party and make up swapping tips soon xx