Interning at NME

by - Friday, May 23, 2014

As anyone who was probably super-irritated by my daily Insta posts probably knows, I have just finished a three week internship with I couldn't recommend it enough - I was thrown straight in on actual jobs, I didn't make a single cup of tea (not that I'd mind really) and my ideas were listened to and generated into real life copy, a few of which you can see below (or on my NME author link). Each any every member of the team that I spoke to were so helpful and so generous with their time, but a special shout out goes to Greg Cochrane and Lucy Jones, Editor and Deputy Editor respectively, who took the time to go through my corrections with me, encouraged me to pitch ideas and have provided me with some really good advice looking forward. 14 days very well spent, I hope they have me back someday!

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