March: Lust List

by - Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another month, pastel moodboard! The sporadic days of sunshine we've been having recently are making me last after summer more than ever and I can't wait to have some time back to myself to have a spring clean. Probably not the best time ever to be introducing another eleven items to my 'would love to buy' list...

Floral Converse
My own trusty pair of black and pink high tops kicked the bucket a little while ago, and although I love my topshop Mary Jane's, I am feeling the 'casual shoe' hole left in my life, waiting for a pair of Connie's to come fill the void. These babies are super girly but are still subtle enough to go with most spring outfits. Probably not best paired with a floral dress though...

Paperchase Photo Frame
I've been in love with these Paperchase frames ever since I laid eyes on the duck egg blue one just after Christmas, and seen as they're only a tenner, I think I may well treat myself after I've finished my coursework, or attempt to make my own with fabric flowers. A lovely way to add a little pop of romance to a plain dresser.

H&M Breton Tee
Not the most exciting item in the world, but I'm working hard to integrate some more plain and versatile items into my wardrobe, as well as more white - I have a lot of busy patterns in there at the moment competing for attention! These tee would be really easy to throw on under my dungarees or tucked into a skater skirt.

Primark Lace Midi Dress
I know, I can't believe it's Primark either! My favourite store have really stepped it up this Spring/Summer. It's £17, which is practically top end Primani, but I think this could be the perfect modest-yet-on-trend budget graduation dress teamed with some nude or cream heels.

Pink Swedish Hasbeens
With warmer weather approaching, I've been searching everywhere for a slightly more grown up alternative to my old beat-up gladiators, and I keep coming back to the Swedish Hasbeens website. They're a bit pricey, but I love the story behind the company, the vintage inspiration and the fact that every blogger and their dog seems to think they are amazingly comfy. Maybe destined to remain on the lust list for a little longer.

Pink and Navy Laptop Kanken
Third year of uni has me hauling everything and the kitchen sink into the library everyday, and my old tatty £3 backpack that I hastily bought for a festival is beginning to show the strain of keeping up my 15 inch macbook, textbooks and bulging files. One of Kanken's specially crafted laptop backpacks would be an ace solution, as well as looking adorable. Saying that, I love pretty much every colour, so the pink may not be the final answer on the epic backpack hunt.

Dunelm Book Boxes
How sweet are these? Designed to look like the sort of plump recipe books that would make Mary Berry proud, these would fit all manner of trinkets and 'things I don't know where else to put', and easily hide away in your bookcase, clutter free. Clever.

Mint Wooden Bin
As chic as I think this bin is (if chic bin's are even possible), I put this on here more as an act of symbolism. Over my three years of uni, I have accumulated so much rubbish - my fashion style has matured, my old sixth form paperwork that I thought might be handy are rendered useless, and I am looking forward to ending 15 years of non-stop education and stepping into adulthood by having a good, merry clear out. Putting away childish things, so to speak. A bit rich from a 20 year old who loves baby pastels, is a compulsive magazines hoarder and is currently writing this blog about all the things I want to buy, but I am serious. Instead of buying thriftily and stealthily, I'm going to try really hard when I move house this summer to only hang on to things that I really want and need, and start the next phase of my adult life with a clearer home and state of mind.

Nick Hornby - A Long Way Down & John Green - The Fault In Our Stars
One thing I really have missed at Uni is having the time to read fiction for fun. It's so easy on a course like mine to get bogged down in theory and musical biographies and forget that one of the most comforting things in the world is just curling up in bed with a good story. Nick Hornby is probably my favourite writer ever, but I've never got round to reading A Long Way Down so need to do so before the film comes out and there are spoilers aplenty. as for John Green, I simply wouldn't be a blogger if I didn't give The Fault In Our Stars a try. I loved his other book Looking For Alaska so I'm sure this will be similarly emosh.

Pastel Statement Necklace
Another realisation of student life is that going out of an evening is such a fundamental part of the social side of things that you actually start to not make much of an effort dressing up wise. It's the same with having a boyfriend who studies the same course - we hang out all the time but are both so busy that date nights have become more about ordering in and watching telly than more formal 'date nights' out. Not that we're complaining, but we've both agreed that post-uni it'll be nice to spend some more traditional 'dinner and drinks' type time together. I've really let jewellery and evening-type wear fall by the wayside in my wardrobe, so another step into adult life (I'm not sure why I keep saying that) will be buying some statement jewellery pieces to jazz up some of plainer day dresses I already have, rather than buying new dresses. See, I really am trying to be good!

Phew, that was a bit of a mammoth post! What are you lusting after this month?

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