Reactions: Wild Beasts, 'Wanderlust'

by - Wednesday, January 08, 2014

With this being a reasonably new blog, it’s probably only fair that I offer you this disclaimer now: what I post on here musically is likely to involve a LOT of Wild Beasts. With 2011's Smother arguably my favourite album of all time, (on the basis that every time I listen to it, I end drowning in waves of internal turmoil as I convince myself ‘this track is the best song ever’ *next track plays* ‘No, THIS is the best track ever’), I've been counting down the day till their comeback.

Luckily for me, their comeback was worth the wait. In fact, it's ruddy ace. Titled Wanderlust, it's dark 80's synthpop recall better moments of Editors 'In This Light…’ record before morphing into something altogether more stealthy, Hayden's honey smooth delivery gliding over the 'Don't Confuse Me With Someone Who Gives A Fuck' refrain, all the more menacing for how calmly it's delivered. It's not exactly what many would have expected after the introspect of Smother, but it's all the better for it. What with having witnessed it live a few months back (and three other new songs they also played), I can confirm that we are all in for a treat come February 24th.

Wild Beasts fourth album 'Present Tense' will be released on Domino Records on February 24th. The video for Wanderlust is available below.

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