Girlcrush Of The Month: Lianne La Havas

by - Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Much as I love running this blog and everything I do for it, sometimes it's nice for me to just go to a gig and enjoy it without reviewing it. Sunday was one such day, when I went to Cambridge Corn Exchange to see Bombay Bicycle Club. Naturally, the boys did an amazing job, extending their live set and incorporating new twists on their oldest material in a way that really brought it up to date. However, for once, I'm not here to write about Bombay. I'm here to talk about my latest girlcrush (this may well indeed become a regular feature), Lianne La Havas.

I wrote about Lianne La Havas a little while ago for a University assignment (, but having seen her live show I am completely hooked. As you can see from the video below, she had an incredible voice, but much more than that, she exudes a gracious charm and sense of humility that really came across live. It's rare to see somebody so new on the scene adapt to a fairly indifferent crowd so affably, and as a result I think more than a few people were converted to her quietly confident melodies and candid lyrics. It's so lovely and so refreshing to see a female performer who can display her obvious attractiveness and dress in a feminine manner without being overtly provocative - lord knows it's about time that there were some positive female role models in music. For someone so young, Lianne seems brilliantly aware of the kind of artist she wants to be perceived as, and I for one find that highly respectful. I'm sure I'll be writing a lot more about her in the future.

Lianne La Havas - 6Music Tenth Anniversary Concert in Full - 

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