The YouTube Mixtapes #2: The Comeback Edition

by - Thursday, September 01, 2011

With festival season over and autumn fast approaching, it is no surprise that many of music's brightest stars are choosing now to introduce the fruits of their latest studio labour to the world, in the hope that their newest guises can make a significant enough impact to validate their existence. No easy feat, clearly. With the load of the decision to reinvent themselves, or instead follow the 'if it ain't broke...' path weighing heavily over their heads, here are my top 10 current tracks from artists looking to make a comeback.

Florence & The Machine - What The Water Gave Me
One of the most enigmatic live performers of recent years, its easy to forget that Florence Welch has only one album's worth of material behind her. Locking herself in the studio for a two week period with esteemed producer Paul Epworth (Adele, Plan B, Kate Nash, Friendly Fires) to hone it's creation, 'What The Water Gave Me' is a hugely promising benchmark for her forthcoming 2nd LP 'Ceremonials' (coincidentally released on October 31st), all spooky choral vocals and shakesperian, morbid imagery,  ('Lay me down/Let the only sound/Be the overflow/Pockets full of stones.'),not to mention the unique, soaring voice that made her name in the first place. 

You Me At Six - Loverboy

For many bands, stepping up to the third album is the most important stage of their career, especially if they've got a point to prove. In a market positively saturated with americana wannabe pop punk, You Me At Six do stand out for having significant heart and a way with a killer chorus, as well as the poster boy good looks and youthful energy. But when the rumours of an epic fall out within the band were confirmed firsthand by vocalist Josh Franceschi ('There were times where I wanted to kill every member of my band' he told Kerrang magazine recently), it did appear the end was near. However, in true rock n roll style they've decided to soldier on, ploughing their agression into LoverBoy, a track that has all the hallmarks of classic You Me At Six but with a definite harder edge, courtesy of some spectacular riffing on Chris Millers account. Accompanied by a Prison themed video (which can't be embedded here for copyright reasons, sorry!) and the promise of forthcoming documentary 'Bite My Tongue' detailing their issues, it appears there may be more to the five piece than initially meets the eye...

Professor Green - At Your Inconvenience
With The Streets bowing out of the music industry, Professor Green is surely the most obvious heir to the mockney rudeboy throne. Whilst first album 'Alive Till I'm Dead' pegged him as a chart straddling plastic gangster, 'At Your Inconvenience' shows a definite progression in the use of samples, this here reminiscent of  his hero Eminem's older material. Boldly claiming 'I'm back/Like I never left/I'm here at your inconvenience' he certainly talks a fighting talk, ruined only when he follows it up with rather unnecessary talk of 'your mum.' Still, it's all part of his charm right?

Red Hot Chilli Peppers- The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
The certified kings of comeback, it seems Red Hot Chilli Peppers are beaten only by the cockroach in terms of indestructibility. Replacing guitarist John Frusciante with the far more youthful Josh Klinghoffer seems to have given them a well needed energy boost, as 'The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie' see them back in bass slapping, funky riff mode, as opposed to the slightly dodgy arena dreaming rock of 'Stadium Arcadium'. Good to have you back lads.

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