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by - Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Following the glorious summer romance of their reunion in 2010, it appears that despite our best hopes, the good ship Albion has indeed sailed, and The Libertines are well and truly over. Carl's swanned off to the theatre for some "serious" acting, Pete's in and out of prison... the dream is finished. With this in mind, the battle to be the next ramshackle indie heroes is on. Whilst there are many bands of the moment threatening for the crown of modern life narratists (Viva Brother, Ed Sheeran, perhaps even the more subtle Bombay Bicycle Club), fans of a good bit of British Indie Rockn'Roll would do well to look a little more underground. Namely, Hertfordshire based foursome The Merk.

They've got the name, the sunglasses and the leather jackets, I hear you cry, but what else do they have to offer? Well considering that this is a band that formed from the debris of two other bands in late 2010, they've got an impressive touring schedule behind them, honing their live sound in order to "create something fresh and interesting". As guitarist Max Hopwood told us "the music scene around Hertfordshire is pretty dead nowadays. There needs to be more venues, more rock and roll instead of these pussy posh boy bands."

Fighting talk indeed, but certainly supportive of their sound, somewhere between the intense delivery of The libs and The poppier influenced Vaccines, most notably on new song "Moving Between" with its strong riffs and meandering vocal line, complete with hint of shoegazy tambourine and western style whistling. This here is a band who don't take themselves too seriously." We play because we love music, its our lives really. Obviously we would love
to turn what we have into a career, but we're just as happy just being able to play together" Hopwood added. "We wouldn't want to be as big as anyone in particular, just big enough for people to enjoy our music and play some amazing gigs, we want to do our own thing."

So what's next for The Merk? Well the band are in the process of mixing and mastering further demoes to join those already up on their various social networking sites, hopefully culminating in a debut release proper by late 2011. With gigs coming up with fellow herts bands Chaos Baby and Maddox, the time is ripe to check out their live set. Just remember: you heard it here first!

The Merk
Line Up: Mitch Crook (Bass), Lawrence Ames (Drums), Alex Coate (Guitar/Vocals),Max Hopwood (Guitar)
For Fans of: The Libertines, Viva Brother, The Vaccines
More Info:

The Merk - Moving Between

Moving Between by The Merk

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  1. I really like this song by The Merk and I like their delivery. And that breakdown towards the end of the song was super sweet. I had a question about their name though. Here in Tennessee the word "merk" is slang and it's synonymous with killings and violence. I was wondering if it has the same connotation in Hertfordshire. Also, I'm trying 2 figure out what Alex says at 1:07....does he say "Nevertheless, you should fight for good night and make it your day"? I've been having trouble making out some of the lyrics.

  2. hello fanboy doug, its max hopwood, thanks for the kind words, the lyrics are " nevertheless you should fight for the night and make it your day ". The word merk is indeed slang here too but it has many meanings, you decide what you want to make of it! hope that helps

    Max hopwood

    The Merk