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by - Monday, April 11, 2011

Any Arctic Monkeys fan who is concerned that the age of witty banter, wry observation and glorious drum fills was over, do not fear. For at 7:30, we were invited by Radio 1 for the worldwide exclusive play of the geniusly titled "Don't Sit Down Cos I've Moved Your Chair", and I can confirm that it is what is generally known in radio terms to be "A Certified Banger."

Coupled with an interview with the always amusing duo that is Matt Helders and Alex Turner, it was lovely to hear first hand that they are back on form following the worrying breakage of Matt's arm, and those equally dubious "studio beards" that were sprouting out of Nick O Malley and Jamie Cook's chins. It appeared the serious personas adopted during the Humbug sessions has been removed slightly, as the pair joked about exam revision, the misinterpretations of "Suck It And See" as an album title and a possible November Arena tour.They also, very excitingly for fans, confessed that this upcoming album will incorporate elements from all three albums, and that Turner is "bringing the humour of the first album back, but it still ain't about the chip shop". As a growing lyricist, this is all we could have asked for, and is highly promising for listeners who miss the thingly veiled cynicism of the first record. Additionally, Helders promised ambiguously that drumwise, there would be "beats that have never been beaten". Intriguing.

So with boys assembled, the track commenced. My first thought was that it sounded incredibly full, which sounds like a silly thing to say but really is noticeable in comparision to the indie stylings of previously. The tutelage of Josh Homme clearly still hasn't worn off, notable in the gargantuan riff that compromises the chorus; you can almost see the lustrous locks of Turner flying around as he slays festival crowds. With lyrics as characteristically obtuse as "kung fu fighting on your roller skates" and the playful couplet "going into business with a girzzly bear/but don't sit down because I've moved your chair", the tune is as similarly sneaky and dark as what we've heard before, but with eerie girl group style backing vocals that seem to add a new, catchier dimension.So yes, we like. But this makes the wait for June all the more agonising, and all the more exciting.I for one can not wait to suck it and see.

Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair by arcticmonkeys

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