Things I have learnt from the NME Awards 2011

by - Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My Chemical Romance have so many ideas musically it’s sometimes impossible for them to portray them all live without it just sounding like a noisy mess. Despite this, they somehow pulled off the chaos on this occasion. A very brave opening choice for NME, and wholly worthwhile if only for the look of confusion on The Drums and Mark Ronson’s faces at the Balaclavas that the whole band were wearing.

Miles Kane has a lovely accent, and a very nice suit to boot.

Simon Neil looks so much better with his hair restored to it's natural brown, although why it was tied in a naff ponytail I will never know. I am very excited to see them live again in three weeks to gauge just how much they deserved that award for best live act.

I would very much like Alexa Chung’s job. And boyfriend.

Hurts are still leaving me kind of cold, but I guess that’s the idea. Detached, middle of the road pop as far as I’ve seen, maybe I need to give the whole album a go. Nice dancers though.

The new Skins lot seem to be settling into the celebrity lifestyle pretty well, if their champagne supping is anything to go by.

I would absolutely love to meet Dave Grohl. I truly believe when people say that he is the nicest man in rock, and very highly talented. Let’s face it, he’s been in one band that changed the entire face of music (Nirvana), and another that are hugely influential (Foo Fighters), not to mention his numerous side projects. I feel pretty honoured to have been in the second row at the Those Crooked Vultures reading clip they played during his introduction, and truly respect Mr Grohl for playing whatever music he wishes, for the fun of it rather than for the record sales.

Alison Mosshart, whilst very cool, has an ahem, interesting taste in coats. Looks like she was carrying around half a carpet shop on her back.

Laura Marling is having a very good month awards wise, and finally getting the respect she deserves. Her speeches are always slightly dodgy, but her awkwardness highly endearing.

PJ Harvey is pretty cool. I’ve always been too intimidated by the size of her back catalogue to try and get into her work, but I shall give it a go at some point.

The lack of Arcade Fire on Spotify is really very frustrating when you still haven’t got round to buying The Suburbs. But in the mean time, we’ve always got Win Butlers comedy acceptance speeches.

I’m still not feeling the Crystal Castles hype either. One of those bands that seem to try really hard to be cool for the sake of being cool. I like odd tracks, but I can think of plenty of other bands who more fully embody the spirit of innovation than them, i.e Foals.

Best British band. I wasn’t truly expecting Arctics to get it, cos they haven’t done much recently. But boy, were Foals robbed.

Matt Bellamy = Either the man is a massive lightweight or he’d had far too much free booze. And judging by his gushing over how nice Michael Eavis is, Muse will be headlining when Glastonbury returns in 2013

And Finally…

Whilst I might like Alexa’s job, I would kill for Krissi Murisons.

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