Reading Festival 2011 Line Up Announcement - The Verdict

by - Monday, March 21, 2011

After four and a half hours of Ticket Hell in 2009, I vowed to myself this year that I would get a Reading Ticket in the presale, to see off my sixth form years with a bunch of my classmates that some of which, I may never see again. Luckily for me, this worked out rather more painlessly than I expected, so I felt perfectly relaxed knowing that today was the big line up day.So here is what you've all been waiting for, and what fills me with a sense of internal joy:

So the 2011 line up has been getting a lot of stick for being "average", and I'm the first to admit that it's not as packed out as when I went in 09. But the fantastic thing about this year is that I'm going with mates and not my parents, so will probably want more in between band time to just hang out (not that I didn't hang out with my parents in 09).Additionally, I am very excited to finally see My Chemical Romance, as I was completely obsessed with them aged 12 to about 15, not to mention finally seeing my new favourite band Bombay Bicycle Club. I can't wait to see how Friendly Fires, Two Door Cinema Club, Panic At The Disco and The Streets fare with their interesting stage positions, plus finnaly getting around to seeing Muse and The Strokes, both of which I hear are fantastic live.

There are a few sections where I think Melvin Benn may have got it a little wrong. I don't think Beady Eye have earnt their place as tent headliner yet, but I suppose it is Liam Gallagher. Crystal Castles I think are frankly overrated, and Deftones seem to play every year in pretty much the same slot. But what I think Reading does need to be congratulated for is that it accommodates for a diverse and very difficult audience; the kind who find V too mainstream, but Sonisphere and Download too heavy. It's atmosphere also trumps V a hundred times over (trust me, I've been to both), which is why despite having the gargantuan genius that is Arctic Monkeys and Eminem up their sleeve, my heart truly belongs to Reading.

Jenessa will be seeing; My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, Noah And The Whale, The Vaccines, The Blackout, The Strokes, Jimmy Eat World, Bombay Bicycle Club,Everything Everything,Muse, The Streets,Friendly Fires, Enter Shikari, Panic At The Disco, Taking Back Sunday, Cage The Elephant

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