35 opinions I have generated from watching Reading Festival 2010

by - Thursday, September 02, 2010

1)Simon Neil is not quite as attractive now he’s dyed his hair and beard blonde. In fact, he looks kind of like Robinson Crusoe.
2)Mumford & Sons are even more fantastic than I previously thought, and deserve the Mercury Music Prize more than anyone, if only for their endearing nature and ability to start a folk based moshpit.
3)LCD Soundsystem are fundamentally a good band, but in my opinion, James Murphy just sounds like a drunk bloke shouting over some disco beats.
4)Josh Homme may be the most charismatic rock star ever: hugely intimidating and oddly attractive. A far cooler ginger than our good friend Axl Rose, who’s band…
5)Guns and Roses are complete and utter shite. Axl, you sound like the crazy frog on acid, and the fact that you cant even perform without an autocue is laughable.It’s no wonder you didn’t want the BBC to show your whole set, because frankly, it was embarrassing.
6)Delphic are underrated. Enough said.
7)The Big Pink will never, ever escape Dominos.
8)Young Guns sound hilariously similar to The Blackout and Lost Prophets. However, I quite like them.
9)If you are Muse or Arctic Monkeys, you get your own backstage dressing room, despite the fact you’re not playing.
10) The Futureheads Hounds Of Love = Festival Anthem.
11)Kids In Glass Houses really really love what they do. Aled has a very commanding live voice, and a formidable arsenal of tunes. Plus, how did I never notice how good looking their guitarist is?
12)Mystery Jets would be a lot bigger if they made more songs like “After Dark”.
13)The Gaslight Anthem add kudos to their otherwise overlookable rock by swearing loudly on Radio 1. In the early afternoon.
14)Everything Everything are going to be huge, due to their sense of individuality and pretty darn awesome falsetto.
15)30h!3 are just two jokers who’ve got a lot farther in the music industry than they should have done.Still, good on them.
16)Say what you like about Hadouken, but you have to commend their ability to get a crowd moving.
17) Modest Mouse are pretty cool, but perhaps too much of a “fans band” to work on the main stage.
18)I love The Maccabees. Definite NME tent headliner next time round. The new songs sound incredibly expansive and Arcade Fire influenced: I’m expecting epic things from their third album. Love goes out to Orlando, who looked genuinely overawed.
19)Earning another guitarist has done big things for The Cribs: they sound more like a serious band rather than just one with a few catchy songs
20)Everyone loves Dizzee Rascal, and he knows how to play to a crowd. Stand Up Tall/Smells Like Teen Spirit anyone?
21)Gogol Bordello can play almost every instrument ever invented.
22)The relationship between Pete Doherty and Carl Barat is something special: if a little homoerotic.The Libertines will always be one of those era defining, proper rock and roll bands. Also, I thank them hugely, because without them, we definitely wouldn’t have Arctic Monkeys.
23)Arcade Fire was a risky headline choic that paid off, giving a far more atmospheric and majestic side to the festival. “Haiti” is good, but “Wake Up” provokes what is surely the biggest singalong of the festival season.
24)Enter Shikari have hit the big time.They probably blew their entire budget on lights, but it was worth it.
25)Pendulum will never fail to get a crowd going. I also commend them on the bravery thast must have ensued whilst having flames that big. In a tent.
26)YouMeAtSix are very talented, especially for their age.Despite sound issues, they gave a very proficient set, and frankly, bringing Hayley Williams from Paramore on for Stay With Me was a masterclass in crowd baiting.
27)Wild Beasts are an interesting band. Note to self to look into them.
28)The Drums are clearly too cool for school.
29)Kele should have stuck with the day job. Bloc Party songs are the highlight of his live set.Saying that, Tendoroni is a definite tune, and he seems like a good bloke.
30)Limp Bizkits pretty lame, but “Rollin” is the best song to circle pit to ever.
31)For a relatively small man, Yannis Philapakis makes a lot of noise.Spanish Sahara was a live risk that paid off: nothing short of euphoric.
32)Paramore are almost stupidly professional. I wish I could sing as well as Hayley does lying down.
33)We Are Scientists: The old stuff will always be the best. However, your stage banter is stuff of legend.
34)Klaxons are still on some pretty hard drugs, judging on their Leeds stage attire.
35)Blink 182 are many peoples childhood love- you’re never too old to sing along like an idiot and laugh at their toilet humour.Nowhere near enough coverage of a very triumphant return.

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