Melt Your Headaches, Call It Home

by - Wednesday, February 07, 2018

After a pretty crappy start to the year, I couldn't be more pleased that it's finally February. One month closer to Spring, one month in to the swing of a New Year, and one month where lots of exciting things are happening. More friendtime with a visit to see my newly-engaged pal in Bournemouth, a healthier routine with visits to the gym (which I'm loving) and one step closer to securing that mortgage and making our rental flat a proper home. If January was a tumultous month that left me feeling down, stressed and unsettled, February is hopefully shaping up to be the month where I finally feel like my year is getting started.

And of course, if there was another reason to be cheerful, it would be these lilac corduroy flares. Originally from Cotton Traders but snapped up for a fiver on eBay, they still haven't made it out of the house due to a lack of styling options when it comes to winter-appropriate footwear, but I'm hoping come Springtime I'll finally be brave enough to take them out for a spin IRL. In the meantime, I love how they look against the yellow of this top - a bargain purchase from Primark last summer that never got it's outing on my holidays as intended. I wonder what adventures we might have this year...

"I Know The World's A Broken Bone/But Melt Your Headaches, Call It Home"

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