Low Key, No Pressure

by - Sunday, January 21, 2018

It's 2018 and there's another girl uploading pictures of herself to the internet! My relationship with outfit blogging has always been a very off and on again one, but with the new year arriving, I've decided it's time to start having fun with my clothes again - and nothing says fun like titting about in front of my self-timer. 

I've long ago come to terms with the fact that I'll never be the sort of blogger who strikes an effortless pose in the street, but I do have a blank wall, a penchant for photoshop doodling and the desire to use my wardrobe to express myself. After watching Paramore in Manchester for the seventh time on Friday, I felt inspired to get my colour back - Hayley Williams' way with dressing is always so fun and just the right side of costumey, proof that even in your mid-twenties, you can be whimsical with your sartorial decisions. The whole 'After Laughter' era for the band has been a huge inspiration for me - through colour blocking and 80s accents, I feel like my personal style has tallied up with theirs for the first time since my emo days (the less said about that the better.)

And so comes my ensemble, made up of entirely sale items. This Monki dress had been in my saves for a while so was a total no-brainer when it dropped to £8. Even as a size small it's on the generous side of things, but with a belt it's the perfect lazy throw on piece. And then let's talk about these shoes - a complete impulse buy from ASOS but for that much glitter, I felt like £16.50 was a totally reasonable investment. Both are now sold out (bad blogger), but there's a ton of similar styles available on both Monki and ASOS. 

I hope you like my doodles!

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