Berlin In Outfits

by - Saturday, September 16, 2017

In a reversion back to old school blogging, I thought I'd share some looks from my week away in Berlin. Having never been before, I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of 'dressed up' levels, but it turns out the Germans go pretty hard - lots of minimalism and layering, with a distinct lack of patterns in favour of pared-down, earthy tones and simple logos, often with a very political or socialist stance.

Naturally, I had to put my pastel spin on the look, and found it immensely satisfying to play with colour blocking rather than relying on an eye-catching print. It made packing a hell of a lot easier, and meant that I was able to layer up much more easily when the rain came. These three outfits I put together are some of my favourites that I've put together in a long time, combining vintage and high street to create something that has finally given me the kick I needed to properly rake through my wardrobe and get rid of the pieces that make me feel any less than the mid-twenty-something version of me.

Full post on our Berlin adventures coming soon!

Day 1 - Vintage Suede Shirt, 'Power To The Ladies' T Shirt by Monki, Jeans by M&S

Day 2 - 'Sisterhood' Jumper by New Look, Vintage Pink Cord Skirt 

Day 3 - Frilled Top by H&M, Vintage Skirt, Necklace by Darn It Workshops

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