Book Club: Jessica Bennett 'Feminist Fight Club'

by - Monday, April 03, 2017

Work - we've all got to do it. And when you're a woman, work often comes with a ton of extra issues that arise due to the misogyny and gender inequality that unfortunately still plagues pretty much all industries. So how do you nail that dream position with all the obstacles thrown at you? 

Feminist Fight Club is the pep talk in front of the mirror that you always needed but didn’t quite know how to provide for yourself. Whatever line of work you find yourself in, if you identify as a woman you will find that many of the hallmarks ring true - from niceness being perceived as weakness to asking for a raise and tips on how to exert authority in a situation where you find yourself a natural minority due to your gender, age or skin colour. There’s so much evidence of all the things we as women do - focusing on our losses over our wins, only applying for jobs that we 100% meet the criteria for whereas men will be happy with 60%, allowing ourselves to be talked over, and underestimating our own worth.

Jessica's 'let's get shit done but keep our sense of humour' style of writing makes for a relatable kick-up-the-butt that greatly simulates a night in with your girlfriends. It’s a lot to take in in one sitting, but it’s great at making you realise that those massive problems you’ve experiencing at work aren’t just your own and similarly, they may not have to be the massive deal you think you are. As somebody who made the decision to move away from a very exciting and stimulating job for the sake of my own mental health at the start of this year, it’s a good reminder that you have to be your own best friend and keep in mind what is best for you - even if what you're doing on paper seems enviable, it's important to remember that you work for a living rather than living to work.

One to file next to girl boss by Sophia Amoruso, it will have you thinking about your career with much better self esteem than you ever realised. It’s not just about overcoming the barriers put in front of women, but in recognising the barriers we put in front of ourselves and sometimes, other women too - rule one of the feminism fight club is that you look after your sisters - and not just your cis-ters either. The strongest takeaway from the book for me was about how vital it is to build a support group of women you love and admire to aid you in your journey - girl can never have too many pals to call her out when she's making a bad decision, or build her up when she needs cheerleading. Buy this book, find your gang and get ready to ask for what you want - you'll be glad you did.

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