DIY: Slogan Patch Jacket

by - Friday, October 14, 2016

Two big points to head up today's post: 1) Patches are a trend that isn't going anywhere, 2) I really love a band called Wild Beasts. Neither are exactly news around these parts, but should provide some solid context as you read on.

So yeah, let's talk patches. The serious street stylers amongst you can't have failed to miss the fact that pins and patches have been a huge trend for the last couple of seasons - adorning bomber jackets, denim jeans, bags and everything in between, this type of embellishment is no longer the domain of furtive 2006 pocket money trips to the emo stall in your local market (guilty as charged)

Having collected some seriously cool enamel pins over the summer (and popped a ton more on my Pinterest board), I was craving a project that would tap into this trend on my own time and budget. Let's face it, the search for the perfect patch can be expensive and for a trend that has developed out of the desire to be unique, there's a lot of premade ones on the high street that look pretty much exactly the same. Coupled with the desire to create myself a mindful hobby, I figured this was the perfect time to try my hand at something I'd wanted to try my hand at for ages- embroidery.

But what to embroider, I hear you cry? I had the world of Bloglovin' and Pinterest at my disposal and a feminist agenda in mind (haven't I always), but I also had the lyrics of one of my favourite bands new songs ringing in my ears. A little more unique and personal than your standard 'girl boss' or 'girl power' sloganeering, it felt like a song title badass enough to be sporting across my shoulders. And hey, it's less commitment than a tattoo right?

I wanted something a little different, so opted to pimp out my khaki jacket instead of my denim one - plus I love my denim jacket so much I was a wee bit worried about ruining it. The design itself was fairly simple - I loved the flow of 'handwritten' patches and figured it wouldn't be too difficult for a newbie like myself to etch out with a slow simple stitch. Using felt in my favourite colours of pink and yellow, I think this little DIY turned out pretty nifty for a first try. Oh and Wild Beasts themselves liked it on Instagram. What more could a girl ask for?

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