What I've Been Listening To: August 2016

by - Friday, August 26, 2016

Oh look, a new feature! As some of you may know I have a monthly slot on my boyfriend's podcast and also run a music blog completely seperate to this one, but haven't really been giving myself the kick up the bum I need to just offload my thoughts about music without trying to be super journalistic and longform. With that in mind, I thought I'd create this little space to chat about ten tracks i've had on heavy rotation - let's get into it!

Noname - Diddy Bop feat. Raury & Cam O’Bi 
NoName is definitely my newest favourite rapper - her flow and the tone of her voice are just incredible, not to mention that she is complete style and hair goals. Featuring another of my favourite vocalists Raury, this is my soundtrack to a chilled Saturday morning catching up on blogs and getting inspiration for the coming week.

Wild Beasts - Eat Your Heart Out Adonis
It's pretty hard to pick a solitary song from Wild Beasts excellent new record 'Boy King', but there's something about 'Adonis' that seems markedly different than their previous work. Chests firmly puffed up, it's bravado has an almost 70s-esque sleaze to it - one for fans of Tame Impala or AM-era Arctic Monkeys.

Kate Nash - Good Summer
It's so lovely to have Kate Nash back! 'Good Summer' may not be the most sophisticated pop you've ever heard but it is satisfyingly catchy, perfect for that impromptu BBQ or the long drive to a festival.

Frank Ocean - Pink + White
It seems I'm not the only one who nearly had a nervous breakdown waiting for Frank Ocean to release his second record - I've seen more hype around 'Blond' than nearly anything else so far this year. Only a few listens deep, I can't be sure yet if I love it as much as Channel Orange, but this song in particular is pretty classic entry-level Ocean for any new listeners.

Blossoms - Honey Sweet 

Among all the 'guitar music is dead' rhetoric it's lovely to see a band like Blossoms doing so well. I haven't listened to their album too much just yet but I really like the driving rhythym of Honey Sweet and am pretty excited to catch their set at Festival number 6 next week (blogpost pending)

Twin Atlantic  - No Sleep
Having loved their debut album bigtime, I went off Twin Atlantic for a long while - it just seemed like they'd lost a lot of their personality. That said, I liked 'No Sleep' straightaway when I heard it in a Glasgow branch of Topshop (patriotic much) and was pleased that it sounded like they had some fight back in them - one for a secret guitar hero session.

K Rizz  - Yes Bitch
When I have the words I am determined to try and write a blogpost on how much I've fallen in love with the TV show Broad City. Yes, it may be crass and neurotic and super-millenial, but it's just so funny, so clever and ultimately, very relatable. It's also got a killer soundtrack - I discovered K Rizz after this song was played in a club scene and now I'm totally hooked on her trashy brand of rap.

NAO  - Fool To Love
One for fans of AlunaGeorge, NAO makes the sort of slick, coolgirl RnB thats begging to be used on a BooHoo advert. Fool To Love is a fave - that skittering hook encouraging a swagger even on the dullest of work-from-home days.

Bon Iver - 22 (OVER Soon)
Another very long-awaited comeback, Bon Iver's return initally underwhelmed me but upon more listens I've fallen in love with '22', a wierd, brooding little number that hints at an exciting record.

D.R.A.M 'Broccoli'
It wouldn't be a playlist of mine if there wasn't some dumb hip-hop on it, and D.R.A.M is fulfilling that purpose this month. Fetch this girl a glass of Rum and Ting...the bank holiday weekend is calling.

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