OOTD: Thrifty Girls Run The World

by - Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Top: ASOS via eBay | Shorts: The Vintage Kilo Sale | Bag: Skinny Dip | Trainers : Nike via eBay

Sometimes good things really do come to those who wait. Such was the case with this entire outfit which was all thrifted or on sale. Having stared at both this ASOS top and SkinnyDip bag for a literal age but never quite feeling like parting with such money for vaguely novelty items, I snapped up both this month on pure bargain - ASOS top for £3 on eBay and skinny dip bag for £14 in their sale. The bag is teeny tiny and crazily impractical, but I am really impressed with it's finish. Plus I think of our girl Yonce ever time I look at it, which is never a bad thing.

The shorts and trainers were also thrifted - found at work and on eBay respectively, both were the result of some serious rummaging/scrolling. Proof that secondhand shopping really is the way to go - the gratification when you find something cool for next to nothing is so much more satisfying than getting it when it's brand new and overpriced in a shop. And who cares if you're a season behind everyone else? If you like it, wear it - the one and only rule that should abide when it comes to fashion.

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