Homeware Additions You Absolutely Definitely Need Right Now

by - Monday, July 04, 2016

Bathmat: Tesco Direct, £6 | Trinket Nesting Boxes: Primark, £4 | Hello Sign: Primark, £10 | Rose Gold Frame: Joy, £7.50 | Doll: Kitsch Kitchen, EUR 21 | Pouffe: Bohemia Design, £98 | Cushion: Oliver Bonas, £32 | Drawer: Oliver Bonas, £59 | Print: Benjamin Craven, £20 | Vase: HEMA, £3 | Radio: Argos, £49.99 | Ice Cream Shakers, Flying Tiger, £4 | Pink Photo Frame: Oliver Bonas, £21 | Mirror: H&M Home, £24.99 | Cactus Vase: La Redoute, £29 | Lightbox: ASOS, £25

Do you ever get that thing where you look around your abode and think 'this could be so much more me'? Total first world problem I know, but ever since I got back from Amsterdam I've been fighting the urge to throw out half the contents of my flat and start again, somehow more minimal but also bright, cheerful and of course, kitschy retro.

While this might not be practical for my bank balance right now (shoutout to the expense of learning to drive, wahoo), I do think it's important to refresh your surroundings from time to time to keep up with your tastes. As I work from home, this feels especially imperative - I spend 80% of my life in the same flat so it's pretty bloody important that I can look around and feel inspired. 

So there ya go - two paragraphs of total justification to go out and buy all the pretty pastels. I'll be the one making pillow forts in the corner of Oliver Bonas...

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