Amsterdam in Outfits

by - Wednesday, July 06, 2016

So I'm still sobbing a little bit inside that I'm no longer in Amsterdam - sorry not sorry. It's been such a long time since I went abroad that I'd completely forgotten how nice it was to have a complete break from your regular life and refresh yourself mentally a little. 

Alongside that, it's also bloody nice to get a bit of sunshine. Amsterdam wasn't boiling while we wer there but it was certainly hotter than the UK, so like a classic tourist I took the opportunity to ditch my tights very, very seriously. I was having a bit too much fun to bother with any proper photoshoots (although we weren't short on backdrops), so instead, here's a wee little insta roundup of what I wore on my five days on holiday. 

Day 1: Travel
Vintage DKNY Shirt, eBay | Topshop Jeans | Socks: Primark | Nike Trainers, eBay

Planes mean cold chills and dried-out skin (sexy) so I figured my best option was to layer. This vintage DKNY shirt is one of my best eBay purchases to date - it cost just over £7, is the softest material and is just about long enough to wear as a dress. Peak tourist was achieved with a wee turn up of the jeans and the 'cheapest wine you have please' order when we eventually got to our hotel.

Day 2: Amsterdam City Centre & Markets
Sunglasses: Primark | Breton Top: eBay | Denim Jacket and Pins: Vintage | Skirt: eBay

Day Two started out crazy warm so it was time to get my pasty pins out. Possibly a bit risky around the red light district, but there you go. I've never had the opportunity to wear this skirt without tights so was a bit giddy about how much nicer and simpler it looked sans hoisery. Simple pleasures eh?

Day 3: Shopping, shopping and some more shopping
Cardigan: H&M | Bodysuit: Zara | Shorts: Vintage

At just £9.99 this Zara bodysuit was something of a holiday impulse buy, but I am SO GLAD I made it. The colours are just the best and although it doesn't have the ease of poppers, it's still super comfy. Perfect for that sort of low-maintence off-duty style everyone talks about but still bright and cheerful. Clearly in this picture I'm feeling great about it (and probably the few beers I'd had also) 

Day 4: Museums & Cultural touristy times
T Shirt: Brudenell Social Club | Jacket and pins: Vintage | Skirt : Vintage | Sandals: TK Maxx

Another cracking holiday impulse purchase before we went were these sandals - just £16.99 from TK Maxx, they were an absolute lifesaver after the back of the trainers rubbed my ankles raw. And I thought trainers were supposed to be the safe option. I took great pleasure in co-ordinating this skirt with the paintings at the modern art museum - and also felt pretty smug when I realised that the waistbelt that came with it made for a cracking hair bow. 

Day 5: Flower Markets, Coffee Drinking and Getting Caught In The Rain
Shirt: Vintage | Shorts: Vintage | Bag: H&M 

Day 5 marked the first day where I got totally caught out by the weather. Shorts had been optimistic at best in the grey morning, and when it inevitably pissed it down I found myself the subject of many a knowing 'she's a tourist look' as I shivered my way around the city. Nonetheless, I thought this vintage shirt blended in pretty well at the flower market, and if my legs were several miles longer I might have even felt a little bit like an Alexa Chung-style pin on Pinterest.

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