Five Sassy Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

by - Friday, June 03, 2016

Maybe it's a touch of the old work-from-home loneliness kicking in, but I've really gotten into podcasts recently. A far cry from the child who used to fall asleep at the mere mention of a taped storybook (Jacqueline Wilson, obvs), I've found that there's something about listening to the conversations of others that can be much more inspiring that simply reading the written word; I guess through voice and interaction you get to experience so much more of what a person is about and in lots of ways, it makes the experience altogether more human. It's all so much more spontaneous - the sound of genuine laughter, awkward silence or a glorious aside that brings about the most interesting thread of conversation. While writing will always be my first love, I have found that as a podcaster myself, there is a genuine release that comes from articulating yourself verbally and just hitting record.

With that in mind, here's a rundown of the shows that have had me hitting the 'subscribe' button faster than my headphones can keep up with -

Emma Gannon - Ctrl Alt Delete
I utterly adore pretty much anything Emma puts her name to, and as a long-term fan of her blog Girl Lost In The City, I was so excited to find that her podcast has the same irreverent charm - instantly likeable and inspiring in a way that actually feels achievable rather than just superficial Pinterest-perfect aspiration. Focusing on her guest's experiences of the internet and growing up in the digital age, she's curated a pretty cool club of guests, ranging from the Zoe Sugg and Dawn O'Porter to my current girlcrush Rowan Blanchard. Emma's questions are always insightful and sensitive and no matter who she speaks to, you always come away feeling energised by her enthusiasm - no mean feat when she's discussing a world so often populated by trolls.

2 Dope Queens
Black BFF's Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams (hello my almost-name twin) are my latest imaginary friends. Hosting the awkward-laugh-out-loud-in-a-public-place-worthy podcast '2 Dope Queens', they discuss everything from black haircare to romance through the medium of life in New York, all in front of a live studio audience. Up to around an hour in length, you can rely on these ladies to keep it real and no sentiment is off limits - although brash and often very sweary, their Vice-worthy antics will have you wishing you could be part of their crew.

ASOS My Big Idea
The podcast's I enjoy the most tend to have a career-y slant, which is why the ASOS Big Idea podcast is one of my most regular listens. The structure is pretty simple - they take somebody with a cool and interesting job (normally fashion related but not always), and quiz them on how they got to that point. Perfect for a slow day at work when you've lost sight of the bigger picture, these eclectic little shows are only 20 minutes long, perfect for a lunch break kick up the ass.

The Pandolly Podcast
This podcast is only two episodes deep at the time of writing, but if it features my perpetual style-crush Pandora Sykes, you can bet that I'm on board. Hosting by Pandora and her fellow Sunday Times writer Dolly Alderton, The Pandolly Podcast is a super light-hearted little magazine show that breaks down celebrity gossip, wardrobe suggestions and general chit chat with the same familiarity one might expect from a girly night in with your best mate. Again, they clock in at just 20 minutes - short, sweet and very addictive.

[edit] Radio
A bit of a cheeky inclusion at the end considering my involvement, but if you're looking for a dose of new music without any pretension, consider edit Radio your go-to destination. With four shows from four different hosts over the course of a month, a wide variety of music tastes are represented. If you're into hip-hop and sassy pop/RnB, I  suggest you tune in every fourth Tuesday for Jenessa's 'First Lady' show - I hear she's a pretty big deal.

So that's my favourite five podcasts at the moment - if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them! Drop me a comment below or tweet me @jnessr.

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