OOTD: The One Where I Make Orangeade

by - Monday, May 30, 2016

Jacket: H&M | Dress: Topshop | Bag: New Look | Shoes: Topshop (All last season)

This blogpost comes to you as something of a mess of emotions. The last week has been one of the weirdest in a long time - both amazingly fun and devastatingly bad. Work has been busy, driving lessons full-on and then on Thursday my Mother-in-law fell quite ill and although she is making a good recovery, it's been a pretty scary time that has left boy me and my boy somewhat unaware of whether we are coming and going. 

On the flipside of this all, I had an amazing weekend in London with my best friend. We drank all the wine, wandered around Brick Lane in the sunshine and fulfilled all of our childhood fantasies by finally getting to watch Busted play at the o2. More on that later, but it was exactly the sort of weekend I needed after such a crazy week, even if it did leave me feeling more than a little nostalgic for days where all we had to worry about was which Busted boy was the prettiest (I was always a James girl, if you were wondering).rainbow-style of her sister a little bit more, which led to this cheer-myself-up orange outfit. Directly inspired by one of my favourite Solange looks, I like to think I could rock this as a summer garden party or wedding, or heck, even just down the high street on a sunny day. I truly believe that dressing up can be a great mood lifter, even it seems a bit OTT at the time. If recent events have taught me anything, it's that life really is too short not to make the most of the little moments. 

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