OOTD: The one where I decide that change is good

by - Friday, April 01, 2016

Jumper: The Vintage Kilo Sale | Skirt: Miss Selfridge via eBay | Shoes: Topshop via Huddersfield Market

The very last blogpost from in front of the mirrors from hell! The move is finally over and my new flat is infinitely more blogger-worthy in basically every way - good light from both sides, entirely white walls and floors, a row of colourful garages outside...expect a slightly more professional approach to outfit shooting in the future round these here parts. But not too professional like, because I quite like my posts to reflect my own approach to style - a little childish and rough around the edges. 

With spring comes change, lots in my life at the moment. The move came as something of a blessing in disguise - it was a change we were scared to make because we'd been so happy in our old place, but it wasn't until we were essentially pushed by our landlord to make that leap that I realised how creatively stifling my old place was - nothing had it's proper place, my workspace was cramped and the carpet was a hideous shade of blue - not exactly #fwis worthy. Going back to clean and realising how little it felt like home just a week after moving was a shock - it really is true that home is less about place and more about the people and the memories you surround yourself with. I'm a real believer in positive thinking breeding positive outcomes and this is a mentality I really want to take forward in my life from now on. We're a quarter of the way into 2016 and I'm determined that there's still plenty of time to turn this year into one of the best yet. 

While I'm dressing like the star spangled banner and feeling like a pep rally, here's an outfit that I've been sporting a lot recently in a cosmic attempt to channel some sort of kinship with Malia and Sasha Obama before they have to leave The White House (sob). With a slightly batwing sleeve and a straight neck, the jumper was one of my best work finds yet, super-similar to the 70s-summer-camp styles filling up the high street. The Topshop vibes continue with these sandals that I stalked in the Leeds store routinely during the summer of 2013 before they showed up on a Huddersfield market stall for a tenner, which was legit one of the happiest days of my impoverished-student life. It's the little things...

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