OOTD: The one where I move house

by - Monday, March 28, 2016

Cardigan: The Vintage Kilo Sale | Dress: eBay | Nikes : eBay

After a near-month of radio silence, I promise there's been a good reason this time - I've been moving house! There's something about the relentless packing, cleaning and charity-shop donating (on top of a full time job) that leaves very little motivation for anything else - chuck on top a nasty cold and a busy period at work and it's suddenly like 'hobbies who?'.

Nonetheless, this outfit has been ready to go for a couple of weeks, and is the penultimate post I have to publish in front of those wavy mirrors that have been both my biggest love and pet hate in this particular tenancy. Amazing for checking your outfit just before you leave the front door, terrible in basically every other aesthetic way. The 90s called - they want their shiny reflective surfaces back.

Low-key but still cheerful, this look is made up of entirely second-hand finds - I think the whole ensemble clocks in at just under £15. As far as transitional dressing goes, I don't think you can beat a good jumper dress - this one in particular is a lovely thick material with just the right amount of bodycon to still look passably dressy. Perfect for lugging boxes up and down stairs, but stylish enough to head down to the pub for some much-needed refreshment after.  

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