OOTD: The One Where I Have All The Spring Feels

by - Monday, February 22, 2016

Roll Neck: Primark via eBay | Pinafore: River Island via eBay | Shoes: Topshop via Huddersfield Market

Internet, I'm going to level with ya - the first draft of this blogpost was the written equivalent of a meh face. I'd just read a really amazing thinkpiece on Kanye's new album that was so eloquently put that I wanted to pull my own face off, subsequently feeling super-guilty that I've not done much 'proper' writing rounds these here parts. It's a fact that I'm not totally happy with, but what can I say - I've been working flat out and the motivation to write any sort of considered thinkpiece or longform post has been totally lacking. The 20 minutes it's takes to frolic around in front a camera and then do some waffling about what I've been up to seems much easier. I could promise that normal service will resume soon, but while I'm totally committed and creatively stimulated by my dayjob, a bit of radio silence from time to time over here doesn't seem so bad.

Instead, let's use this opportunity to talk about how happy I am about Spring being the round the corner. I've got back into the swing of events season, am finding it much easier working from home now there's some sunshine pouring in and we've got a flat move on the horizon which will mean even more sunlight and a bit more floorspace to get creative with. We've made some wonderful memories in our very first Leeds home and it'll be a shame to leave, but I'm all for positive change (and an excuse to buy some more useless but pretty house tat).

Spring also means I can think about ditching my heavy coat and get back to the fun and colourful layers I really enjoy wearing. Not that there's anything wrong with dressing colourfully in winter, but it does get received fair less weirdly in spring. The outfit above is essentially a lighter version of what I wore through winter anyway - roll neck, pinafore and a cute pair of shoes. When it comes to fashion, I'm nothing if not predictable...

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