OOTD: The One Where I Get Lost In Space

by - Monday, February 01, 2016

Dress: Charity Shop | Roll Neck: H&M via eBay | Shoes: Topshop

It's a simple rule of childhood that whatever your parents like, you must think is enduringly lame. Whether it be music, TV or a chosen activity, it must be met with a shrug, sneer or dismissive 'whatever' that makes it clear to the world that you are clearly far superior in the hip stakes to the people who brought you up.

It's also a rule that when you hit your twenties, you're forced to admit that some of those things weren't so bad after all. Not always of course (Midsomer Murders and Lladro collecting anybody?), but definitely in the case of pop culture. Take for instance, classic family TV. When I was a kid off school on a sick day, my dad would stay home and look after me with only one entertainment agenda in mind - back-to-back episodes of the TV shows he loved in the 60s; Bewitched, The Avengers and of course, Lost In Space. Naturally, 8-year-old Jenny rolled her eyes and went back to her funky friends sticker books and TOTP magazines instead of really concentrating, but something must have seeped into my consciousness because 60s space-age culture now makes up a huge amount of my musical and sartorial preferences.

From my love of garish colour to my penchant for kitsch illustration (check out my handrawn logo of my music blog, Safety In Sound), it's fair to say I owe a lot to the groovy exploration of the Robinson family. I don't remember too many of the nuances of the show, just a jazzy theme tune and a lot of tin foil mainly, but I do remember one of my earliest style crushes - the perpetually chipper Penny Robinson, sister to the stars with an IQ of 147. I haven't really thought about her in years, but when I found this dress in my local charity shop and paired it with a eBay palma-violet-hued roll neck, there was a distinct hint of the intergalactic. Paired with my favourite metallic sandals, and I ended up with something that has one foot in 60s past, and one in the space-age trend set to hit the high street in 2016. Definitely crying out for some knee high boots, but still, I think the force is strong with this outfit. Oh right, wrong space reference. Maybe I'm not so cool after all....

*It's also worth noting that my parents are actually pretty cool. My mum follows Drake on Twitter and my dad runs a music blog, so there's that.*

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