OOTD: The One Where I Examine In The North/South Divide

by - Tuesday, January 19, 2016

T-Shirt - Brudenell Social Club Leeds | Jacket - Vintage | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes - Topshop

When I put this outfit together (and wore it to work in Birmingham, just to complicate things), it got me thinking loads about which end of the country I identify with most. Sure, I'm a born-and-bred southerner who grew up with the delights of London just 20 minutes away, but ever since I moved to Huddersfield/Leeds for University at 18 (and even more so now my parents have also moved), I feel no homesickness whatsoever for the south. In my opinion, everything really is better up north - the friendlier folk, the countryside, the snacks (chips n gravy all day), the cheapness and the sheer pride that comes from being a northerner. More than anything though, I love the music scene - being positioned in an area so rich in musical talent with Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle and more just on my doorstep, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from going to a different gig every night and always encountering a strong, supportive local gathering of inspiration.


Growing up, I didn't know a single person who talked openly or proudly about being from Stevenage. Whenever anybody asked, it was the same mumble of 'Hertfordshire' or 'Near London' - everyone was vaguely embarrassed to admit the truth about a town that has very little to boast about aside from Lewis Hamilton. That's not to say I had a horrible upbringing by any means, and for all I know now things might be different there now, but at the time Stevenage didn't hold much in the way of inspiration or culture. When I was a teen there wasn't even a single proper gig venue, so I'd find myself on a friday night getting the train to Hitchin, Watford or St Albans to watch local bands Enter Shikari, The Subways and Friendly Fires before they got big, soaking up as much possible before having to squeeze out early to catch the 10pm train back home. 

It's those times I feel fond of when I look back on my Hertfordshire childhood - the endless pursuit of something further than the town I lived in. Which is why when I spotted this £9 varsity jacket in my local vintage shop, bearing the name of one of my regular gig towns, it felt only right to take it home with me. It felt even better to pair it with one of my new favourites - a t-shirt bearing the logo of my favourite ever gig venue, Leeds Brudenell Social Club. As classically northern as it's name suggests, it's a place I could have only dreamed of as an Alex-Turner loving 15-year-old, running my finger down the unfamiliar names in the NME gig guide. It's now somewhere I'm proud to call one of my local venues, probably a direct result of my determination all those years ago to find somewhere to live that I could be inspired by. In that way, it's impossible to have regrets - there's not much wrong with a place that encourages you to look for the world outside.

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  1. Love this post! And your outfit! I am from Barnstaple, a small town in North Devon, but my boyfriend and I moved to Bristol 5 years ago, and we love it here. The music scene is amazing, everyone is so friendly and it's so arty and interesting here. I don't miss the 'small town' mentality of where I'm from and even though Bristol is technically in the south (!) I still don't consider it to be like London, which I feel always seems a bit unfriendly, too busy, and too big!

    XO Amie

    Credit Crunch Chic

    1. Ah I've only been to Bristol for work a couple of times but I love it there! Everyone does seem super friendly especially compared to Ldn x