New In: Christmas and January Sales Wardrobe Additions

by - Wednesday, January 06, 2016

When you're one of those people that identifies as both a thrifty shopper and a fashion-lover, there are few things that cause quite as much delight as the January sales. I've never been the most 'trendy' of people (as my cringey phrasing supports), but in the last year or so I've become really obsessed with developing my own style, so when all those reductions rolled round, I knew what I was looking for - statement colours, good flattering fabrics and as always, a hefty hint of retro appeal. 
 Zara Jacquard Dress & Leather Skirt
Instead of Christmas presents this year my Dad was kind enough to give me a little spending money, on the condition that I used it to treat myself rather than hoard it for boring bills or food shops - Daddy Williams knows me well. Having seen so many fab things throughout the year, my first sale stop was Zara, and I wasn't disappointed. I picked up two super high-quality items for just under £30 total - not bad at all considering how long they'd been on my Imaginary Wardrobe Pinterest board. The leather skirt I'm especially excited to style - I'm thinking a full burgundy tonal look just like Hannah's with some pointy boots. Good excuse to go find said pointy boots in the sales...

ASOS Skater Dress and American Apparel Jacquard Dress
This time of year always means a good punt on the ASOS sales, but unfortunately I lost out a little in the size wars - almost everything I found was completely sold out in a 12 or else clearly wasn't designed to suit my oversized ass bodyshape. This little skater number proved to be a lucky surprise - truthfully I only really ordered it to make up my order to free postage, but it's a beauty for just £9 and virtually identical to Topshop's much pricier number. 

As for the American Apparel number, I've been after this for literally about 18 months, and still can't quite believe it's mine as I've tried it on in the changing rooms literally 5 or 6 times. Another lucky coincidence - Kev bought me an AA skirt for xmas that unfortunately wasn't working for me, so this got to be my sale exchange on the day where they lopped 30% off everything. It's flatteringly tight, a really cool pattern and has just the right amount of boob power - win-win all round.

Topshop Skater Dresses in Mustard and Rust
When you find something that works, buy it twice right? I first spotted these dresses in Glasgow in August and they were a bargain at £20, but I just couldn't decide between my two favourite colours. Fast forward to January and they're £7 each in the sale - I think so. I'm really looking forward to throwing these on under a jacket when spring rolls around. 

So now my wardrobe is groaning and I'm on a self-imposed orange ban, but I feel like I made some really good sensible purchases. Keep an eye out soon to see them styled!

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  1. The first dress is gorgeous on you.

  2. Hi Jannessa! Wow, gorgeous picks! I am loving the heavy lean towards the orange tones on the things you've chosen, I love mustard myself and always end up picking up those colours, which actually works out well as most of my wardrobe is cream/navy/grey so it's useful to have a bit of colour in the mix!

    XO Amie

    Credit Crunch Chic

    1. Thanks Amie! Oh yes, I'm all about the colour! You wear minimal looks so well though that I'm tempted to try your approach, I tend to end up looking a bit like an explosion in a pattern factory ha! xx