OOTD: Denim dresses, 70s sandals and looking a bit like a farmer

by - Monday, November 02, 2015

Bag: Charity Shop
Shoes: eBay

Another set of pictures from several weeks ago now, before the clocks changed and this weird fog descended. I find it really difficult to dress at this time of year - my normal dresses suddenly aren't very warm and the quest for THE perfect winter coat (you know, that happens every year) begins once more. After spending months curating the perfect summer wardrobe, I find it difficult to step away from the simple day dresses and bare legs.

But let's remember warmer times where it was still just about acceptable to wear sandals in public. These particular sandals were a 99p eBay find - perfect condition for their late 70s description, although I suspect they may in fact be a product of the 90s. Along with a cute silk headscarf, they were the exact hint of colour I needed to offset this denim dress - a great on-trend find way back in May but too warm to wear until now. Layered up with some tights and a thick cardie, this look could still work into winter, but beware - adding long boots MAY make you look a wee bit like a farmer. Perched on this gate by our nearby park, I was definitely fighting the urge to break into some hay-chewing as I gazed upon my imaginary cows...

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