Dusty Pinks, Suede Skirts and Being 'That' Blogger

by - Monday, October 19, 2015

Yeah that's right, I've become one of 'those' bloggers who gets their boyfriend to take their outfit photos. Sorry not sorry. There seems to be a weird thing circulating in the blogger community where people are starting to get really oddly apologetic or embarrassed about working hard on their blogs, and while I have no delusions of full-time blogging or fame, these sort of shots have got to be better than dodgy self-timed ones in my hallway, amirite?

Anyhow, we actually had quite a lot of fun a few weeks back shooting these and taking the piss out of my best attempts at a smize. It's a good thing I was so pleased with my outfit - entirely thrifted save for the faux converse which I bought from Matalan years ago to wear to a festival and ended up growing rather attached to. The jacket (perfectly matched to the wall, how instagram) is an absolute staple, rescued from a charity shop for £4.99 and adding a much-needed 70s touch to dresses and jeans alike. It also reminds me of that's hilarious McDonalds 'Dusky Lady' advert which is a bonus.

I think it's found it's natural partner in this skirt, originally from H&M but picked up for £2.99 from eBay, it marks my first truly successful purchase of such a garment - short but not too short, the most beautiful tan colour and with a waist that doesn't gape. Probably a little risque for the current weather, but due a serious second wind once paired with some tights and boots.

Jacket: Primark via Charity Shop
Vest Top: F&F at Tesco
Skirt: H&M via eBay
Shoes: Matalan

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