Three must-watch fashion documentaries on Netflix

by - Monday, September 21, 2015

We’ve all been there after a long day – you slump in front of the television, put on the three billionth re-run of come dine with me or big bang theory, barely concentrating as you inhale your dinner and take comfort from the familiar format. Repeat until bedtime, when you’re aware you’ve wasted four hours in the front of the TV without really learning or even particularly enjoying any of it.

These times have their value, but I’ve been increasingly aware that it’s a habit I’ve fallen into oh too regularly. I was beginning to crave shows that taught me something, shows that inspired me or gave me further insight into a world I only knew a passing amount about. Enter Netflix, stage right. Alongside my boyfriend, we’ve made it our mission to scroll past the familiar sitcoms and make it to the documentaries section, where we’ve been devouring sartorial shows like they’re going out of well, fashion. Here are the three that have most stuck with me -

Advanced Style
Based on the phenomenal success of the blog by Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style explores the lives of some of his most well known women, all aged over 60 but approaching fashion with insane vigour. I defy anyone who is feeling lackluster about their personal style or wardrobe not to feel inspired by these women – they are vital, energetic and totally in love with fashion, advocating how important it is to prioritise having fun with what you’re wearing over following the latest trends. While the documentary doesn’t really break any new ground on it’s own, it’s an uplifting watch that reminds the watcher that you really are only as old as you allow yourself to feel.

The September Issue
As far as I’m concerned, Anna Wintour is up there with some of my biggest life inspirations – it takes a brave woman to dedicate her life so fully to the world of journalism and fashion, ruthlessly making decisions without diminishing any respect from her team. ‘The September Issue’ is a refreshingly honest insight into life in the offices of the world’s most influential fashion magazine, and will have you rooting for the editors throughout as they attempt to sate Anna’s desire for only the best work.  Trust me, that unimpressed stare and sharp bob will strike awestruck fear into even the hardest of hearts.

Dior and I

One to show your partner or friend who scoffs at fashion being frivolous and lightweight, ‘Dior & I’ is evidence that dressmaking really is an art form of epic proportions. We go inside the couture team as they prepare for fashion week, examining the intricate processes that go into every single garment and the sheer creative vision that is imperative for such a brand. When showtime comes, your jaw will drop at the setting – 1000s and 1000s of freshly cut flowers, woven together to form a room that is literally bursting with blooms. It’s truly something like magic.

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