Red, White & Blue - Breton Stripes, Crop Tops and Faux Boots

by - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Isn't it awkward when you realise you've spent most of your summer inside and your leg tan game is nowhere near matching your face? Luckily tights season is pretty much here so nobody need know about my mistake. Well, excluding anyone reading this post. Darn.

ANYHOW, this simple breton and denim skirt combo is a firm favourite of mine - just enough crop to do justice to the shape of a skirt, which is a wierdly flattering denim stretch fabric. It was a 99p eBay bargain (originally from Miss Selfridge) and I'm a little bit scared to wash it just in case it loses any of it's shape or T Swizz-worthy vibrancy.

I've been lusting over a pair of heeled ankle boots for ages but haven't yet found the right ones, so I'm faking it with blocky sandals and socks. Not ideal, but a good way to harden an otherwise girly look. Throw on my leather bomber which I've had for a million years and it's a strong low-maintenance evening date look for this odd weather window that's neither warm nor properly cold. 

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