Rainbow Dresses, Pom Poms and Turning Frowns Upside Down

by - Friday, August 07, 2015

What do you do when the weather outside is as glum as you are? Get dressed up and take outfit posts in the happiest dress ever of course!

While 'glum' might be a bit extreme, there is no denying that my mood has taken a little bit of a dip recently. No particular reason, just feeling a little rundown and in desperate need of a holiday - life's been pretty full on for a straight year now without any real break. Still, I'm so excited to have my week away in the middle of August- it's not quite the trip abroad that we were hoping thanks to the slowpoke nature of the UK Passport office, but it's a break nonetheless. I'm really looking forward to stepping away from my laptop, gaining all sorts of new inspiration and catching up with some friends.

Anyhow, let's talk outfits. Bought from our lovely vintage traders at Beatherder, this duo of rainbow crochet and pom pom headband is the manifestation of my new happy place. I'm a firm believer than fashion should be colourful and fun, and whilst I might get a few odd looks if I wore this pairing down the street rather than in a field, I can't help but love it anyway. Thanks to the sewn-in slip, this dress is suprisingly comfy and modest and only cost me a tenner - who says you can't buy happiness? The Pom Pom's were a last minute addition when it was decided I wasn't looking festival enough, and I must say, it's very difficult not to get into the festival spirit when sporting such jazzy headgear. Team Vintage are all off to Festival No.6 at the start of September and I'm really hoping the weather is nice enough for me to sport this look again - albeit with a waterproof and wellies instead of bare arms and jelly shoes of course.

What outfit makes you happiest?

Pom Pom Headband - Bumblehog Vintage
Rainbow Crochet Dress - Retro Bambi Vintage
Shoes - Juju Jellies from Topshop

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