90s Playsuits, Unexpected Workouts and Refreshing My Inspiration Levels

by - Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm back off my holidays! It was nothing too exotic, just a week's stay in London, but it was SO well-needed. Whether its the museums I tramped my way around, the copy of Rookie issue 3 I picked up (love you Tavi), the dim sum dinners with long-lost friends or simply the time away from my desk, I have returned feeling full of new ideas and a renewed sense of vigour for both my job and my personal projects. I've also returned with some very tired legs and unexpectedly toned arms - all that walking and shopping has done me some physical good as well as mental. Sometimes it's just good to get away eh?

These pictures were actually taken before my holiday, but I think they have something of a summer holiday vibe about them. Playsuits aren't normally known for their practicality, but this vintage number is nice and baggy - too baggy in fact. It needs some pinning around the bust, but I loved the quirky back detailing too much to leave it behind when I spotted it in my local vintage shop. Can't complain for a fiver! Paired with my denim jacket that has been pretty much glued to my back since I picked it up a few months ago, it's a go-to outfit that I can easily jazz up with tights when the weather gets cooler. Rad. 

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