Powerdressing, posture and the perils of polyester

by - Thursday, July 09, 2015

As long as I can remember, I've been dreaming of owning a power suit. This dream was only exacerbated when I started working for a vintage company, where the requirement to dress for work became serious justification to build my wardrobe up again from the bottom. There's something about a matching set that just makes you feel instantly put together, ready for business and tells the world you are not ready to be trifled with.

This little number was a startling find at my last Leeds Vintage Kilo Sale. Nestled innocently at the end of a long rail, many customers looked upon it lovingly, debating whether they'd be 'brave' enough to wear it. It seemed an odd sentiment, considering how bold some of our customers are with their wardrobe choice: this little suit was reasonably innocuous I thought. Nonetheless, their loss was my gain after a couple of hours, where I realised it was up to me to liberate it.

Sturdy and stretchy, there are many things I love about it - the 70s pointy collar, the length and buttons of the skirt, the fact that when you button it up completely it looks a bit like a housedress but if you lose the jacket it looks almost casual. There is however one bugbear of sporting 60s and 70s clothing - 80% of my wardrobe is now polyester, which washes great and holds it's colour but can be a bit tricky to wear in summer. Come autumn, I think it will really come into it's own - worn with heels of course, to create the excellent poise and posture that one might expect from a 21st century sassy businesswoman.

Skirt suit co-ord - The Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale
Vest - George @ASDA
Shoes - George @ ASDA

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  1. Oh this is fantastic, you look amazing in it! It fits you so well!

    Kariss www.shystrangemanic.com