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by - Saturday, July 25, 2015

Street Style ( and

Who else is guilty of buying things to wear, being mega excited about them but then deciding that they're 'too much' to wear in everyday life, and so end up stuck at the back of the wardrobe for that 'special' occasion that never comes? Or of buying 'safe' shades of grey, taupe and pastels that 'go' with everything, instead of building up a curation of stand-out numbers?

I was at Beatherder Festival last weekend for work (manning the Vintage Tent), and with every single customer who asked for style advice or lingered too long over an item, a pattern emerged. So many purchases were made 'just for the weekend', or avoided altogether because an item was 'too bright for ordinary life.'

It made me wonder - when did bright colour and pattern in fashion become so intimidating? Why are people so afraid of swapping their muted tones for sunshine and tropical shades, or of trying out more eclectic pieces? I have friends who shop only in monochrome and look incredible at all times, but why should it be our only choice for high fashion?

I think we all, me included, fall into a trap of saving clothes for 'best', or dressing down in subtler shades in an attempt to blend in with the norm. In fashion, black has become synonymous with eternal style, whereas colour is seasonal, to be worn sparingly. Despite the likes of Henry Holland, Meadham Kirchoff and even Topshop Unique going for a 'poppier' colour palette on the runway, it still seems that most people would rather stick to their comfort zones when it comes to sporting the zingier shades.

Well, I say nonsense to that. I adore colour, and I want to wear even more of it. No more saving my most colourful frocks for best, no more stopping myself from purchasing something amazing because i'm not sure what it will go with. I want to own an eclectic wardrobe where I am in love with every single piece and every piece holds a different purpose. I bought an amazing rainbow crochet dress from one of the Beatherder traders that fits like a glove - it's easy to wear, fun and nobody I know has anything like it. That to me is what fashion and style should be about - wearing things that make you happy when you put them on. That's not to say that grey and navy and black can't make you happy, but to me at least, sticking to one box with your style choices feels about as pointless as only ever eating one type of food for the rest of your life.

For that reason, I've been spending a lot of time on pinterest exploring how amazing women around the world are wearing bold colour. Here are some of my favourites.

Street Style ( and Miranda Makaroff (
Street Style (gettyimages) and Solange Knowles (Pinterest)
Julia Sarr-Jamois (Huffington Post) and Street Style (Huffington Post)

Street Style ( and the sartorialist) and thecapriciousclub

Kate Nash and Street Style (elleuk)

Igobyfrankie and pandorasykes

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