Five reasons to be excited about Wireless festival 2015

by - Monday, June 08, 2015

It's no secret here at SIS HQ that we love a good festival, and have quite a few lined up for both work and play this summer. However, there is still one event that we'd give our (proverbial) right leg to attend, and that festival is Wireless. Now in it's tenth year, this years line-up reads like a who's who right now of hip-hop and RnB, and we simply cannot stop looking wistfully at the poster wondering when we can book our tickets to London. To get you in the mood, here are the top five artists we'd be down the front to watch...


Although best known for the inescapable 'Tuesday', our love affair with Makonnen Sheran transcends one hit wonder. Blending a woozy autotuned vocal with serious earworm choruses, his lackadasical approach is the perfect accompaniment to short festival shorts, cheesy instagram selfies and sweaty cocktails.


First things first, if you're not following this hilarious guy on Twitter, please go do it now. Done? Okay, now we can continue. Silky smooth soul mixed with forward-thinking pop, this 20 year olds production credits are a longlist of the noughties best and brightest, showing that he is definitely in with the right crowd. We haven't stopped playing his single 'Wrote A Song About You' since it came out.


Every noughties child will undoubtedly remember the glorious empowerment of 'Goodies', but what they may not know is that Ciara dropped her ace sixth album, Jackie, earlier in the year. Set to blend fearless dancing with classics old and new, we're hugely looking forward to reviving our 'One Two Step' dance routine.

George the Poet

Musicians are often criticised for failing to use their voice for good, which is why George The Poet might just be the saviour of grime. Covering everything from mental health and the economy to young motherhood, he's wisdom belies his years, a sobering change of pace amongst the David Guetta's and Avicci's of the line up.

Nicki Minaj

Bold, brash and brilliant, Queen Nicki has gone from hip hop heavyweight to pop starlet without compromising any of her artistic integrity on the way. With festival bangers aplenty, who knows what her setlist will comprise of? We're praying for a Beyonce cameo for 'Feelin Myself'...

Drake. Drake, All Of The Drake.

Having played 'If You're Reading This, It's Probably Too Late' near daily for the past four months, it's far to say that it might make our summer to see our favourite Canadian live in the flesh. Making up for having to cancel his Wireless appearance last summer, expect fireworks, orange puffa jackets and hopefully no awkward cameos from Madonna.

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