22 things to do in my 22nd year

by - Monday, May 18, 2015

Cue the inevitable Taylor Swift meme... last Monday I turned 22. I've never been one for elaborate plans and have been working flat out as May is my busiest event month, so the idea of lavish celebrations didn't really appeal to me. Instead, my boyfriend and I went out for a delicious italian dinner, bought cheap Amaretto from Aldi and have dedicated my birthday week to chilled nights in enjoying each others company.

That said, it wouldn't really do to enter my first year of 'legit' adulthood without marking the occasion, so I thought I'd put together a little list of things I'd like to accomplish in my 22nd year on the planet. This way, I can look back at this post when I turn 23 and be proud of all the things I accomplished things I never got round to doing.

1) Live Somewhere New
This one has been accomplished already! We moved to Leeds at the end of last month and I can't explain how exceptionally happy I am with our new flat. As someone who works from home, it's really important that I'm comfortable with where I spend 90% of my time, and considering that this place is modern, safe and close to fun amenities - not to mention mouse free- I imagine we'll be staying for a long time.

2) Learn To Cook A Signature Dish
This isn't to say I can't cook, just that I don't tend to bother when it's something my boyfriend genuinely enjoys doing. However, it would be nice not to feel so reliant on his skills and even be able to whip up something in time for when he gets home from a long day at work. What a good housewife eh? First stop, my new 'Food' Pinterest board; next stop, the actual kitchen.

3)Take Up Regular Exercise
Jogging was never really an option in Huddersfield, but now the weather is getting better and I'm spoilt for choice in terms of local parks, outdoor exercise is beginning to feel like a viable option. Even better, nobody knows me round here yet so nobody can laugh - score!

4)Learn To Drive
Or at least start to. driving would seriously improve my independence and make my day job a whole lot easier, but until now I've always been a little fearful of it. In my 22nd year, I really want to just take the plunge before this becomes something that I convince myself I absolutely cannot do.

5)Revive my creative habits
Other than blogging and occasionally writing for publications, it hit me the other day that I have very few hobbies that involve me actually 'creating' something. I used to be seriously crafty as a kid, and it's something I'd really like to get back into, whether it's drawing, creative writing or maybe even reviving my old choir roots. We'll see...

6) Fill my social calendar...
I'm not talking going out five nights a week, but making plans with friends regularly is something I really want to do to avoid becoming too much of a homebird. I made so many lovely friends through uni and my first grad job that it would be a shame to lose touch. Chums, hit me up!

7) Become more politically active
I'm not yet sure which form I want this to take, but if the recent General Election has taught me anything, it's that I have A LOT more political opinions than I ever gave myself credit for. Whether this be officially joining my preferred political party or simply blogging more about politics, I really want to throw my voice into the mix in the quest for change.

8) Do my bit for charity
Basically my way of legitimising my near weekly charity shop trips - nice one Jenessa. Still, donating old clothes is such an easy thing to do, and I'm looking into setting up a direct debit with a couple of charities too.

9)Read more books
And not just the same ones over and over either. Joining Leeds library is top of my list of summer plans and means I don't have to clutter up my flat buying endless new paperbacks.

10)Hang out more with my family
Sometime in summer my parents and brother will be moving much closer north, and I can't wait to spend more time with them. Working most weekends means I've not been able to catch up with them as much as I'd like, but hopefully that is something that will change this year.

11) Go on holiday with Kev
Our first couples holiday! We'll be celebrating three years together in August and have both been working really hard so I think it's about time Kev and I treated ourselves to a little break somewhere. We're currently considering Paris or Amsterdam - any tips, let me know!

12) Have more phone-and-tv-free date nights
Something we're both guilty of, I'd like to impose a couple of social media and crap sitcom-free date nights for the pair of us each month. Not to do anything flashy, but just to appreciate the simpler things - enjoying a nice home cooked dinner, listening to records or simply chatting and reading books.

13) Own a pet
Realistically my dreams of Maurice the sausage dog (trademark pending) may have to wait until we own our first home, but a trio of ikea cactus count right?

14) Become more proactive with my finances
I'm a pretty savvy spender, but this is the year I want to get legit adult and actually start the spreadsheets and filing systems that will stop me having palpitations everytime my tax return is due. Wish me luck!

15) Take more pictures
A repeat resolution, but one I always chide myself for - must. take. more. pictures. Even if it's just for instagram, I will master some photography skills.

16) Remember to tweet!
I've been an awful tweeter recently but everytime I get back into it, I forget how much fun it is. Everyone knows that Facebook is so 2005, so Twitter is where I'm going to start focusing my efforts.

17) Go to a new festival
I normally make it to one or two festivals a year, but this year I'd like to try a different event to the likes of Leeds fest. What this actually means is that I'm strongly considering selling my soul to be up close and personal with Drake at Wireless Fest.

18) Finally tackle my 'to sew' box
Does anybody else have a box of clothing they've been meaning to alter or customise? No? Just me? This summer I have pledged to myself that I will finally tackle turning up that bloody perfect 70s denim skirt that is just a few inches too long.

19) Revive my freelance journalism career
I'm not planning on doing anything mega-regularly, but I must admit I have let my freelancing work slip while settling into my new full time job. I don't regret this at all, but I think it'd be nice to make sure I still manage to write for some other places than here. I've got a few interesting propositions in the works, so watch this space!

20) Get a hair cut
And no, I don't mean trimming my frizzy split ends in front of the bathroom mirror. I mean a proper adult haircut, that will leave me looking all curly and fabulous and stuff.

21)Buy a pair of comfortable heels
Does such a thing exist? If so, I want to find them so I can wear them with midi skirts and not look like I've just failed to buy the right size dress. I feel like this is a very important factor in my development as an adult.

22) Be a better blogger
Ah, the eternal resolution! Still, with a layout redesign in the works and a notebook bursting with ideas, I can't wait to get through this month of work and have a little more time to dedicate to this here space on the internet.

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  1. Great goals for your new year of your life. :)
    I also want to read Lena Dunham's book.
    Do you like it so far?

    xxx Lexy

    1. I finished it a while ago and it's great! Definitely worth a read :) xx

    2. Comfortable heals do exist-ish! I always go for Clark's, expensive but they don't murder your feet.