REVIEW: Circa Waves - Young Chasers

by - Tuesday, April 07, 2015

With a warm pint of cider in my hand and a grubby lanyard swinging from my neck, my first encounter with Circa Waves was a happy one. I was at Leeds Festival 2014, it was the festival republic tent and as the audience swelled with every song, I knew it wouldn't be long before this Liverpudlian gang started making a name for themselves.

Several radio one-endorsed singles later, and it appears my premonition was right. With The Wombats trying and failing to make a comeback, Two Door Cinema Club fast resigned to the freshers week memory box and Phoenix in between albums, the timing of Circa Waves debut record couldn't have been better placed - every so often Britain just needs a band who know how to do a great uncomplicated single.

From a band who are just two years old, Circa Waves are something of an indie anomaly, and not just for their lighthearted approach to songwriting. In a world where 'authenticity' is a buzzword and there's a constant snobbishness that suggests a band isn't worthy unless they've eaten out of the bins on shoreditch high street or spent eight years cobbling together pennies to record their first single, they're a refreshing change in how quickly they've grown to prominence relatively quickly. While their backstory as a band is fairly organic (lads meet at their local festival, lads decide to form band), there's been very little toilet gigging, not unless you count some pretty massive support slots for The Libertines and The 1975.

Rather than smirking at the back or rolling your eyes about being in the right place at the right time, the bands growing popularity is actually rather humbling, proof that three chords and a way around a melody are sometimes all you need. Where Circa Waves really excel is when they keep it short and to-the-point: title track 'Young Chasers' is just two minutes and ten seconds long, but gives us the exact same theme-park thrills as when we first heard 'Wreckin' Bar' by The Vaccines.  'T-Shirt Weather' is only a minute longer but just as endearing, with a chorus that will speak to every kid who grew up on Haven holidays and gleeful fights with their siblings -

'I remember T-shirt weather/I remember some days/We were singing our lungs out in the backseat together/And the seatbelts were burning our fingers'

Viewing nostalgia through rosey spectacles, 'Young Chasers' is an assured debut, fed on a diet of summer loves and growing pains that work just as well at a festival as they do at an indie disco. It wears it's influences on it's sleeve - 'Good For Me' is heavily indebted to Julian Casablancas vocal style, while 'My Love' has something of the Richard Ashcroft about it. In fact, quite a lot of the record sounds a little early-noughties, the glory days where Limewire was king and lyrics were cryptic codes aimed at the hot boy/girl you fancied on MSN Messenger.

When so many bands are trying so hard to appear grown up, Circa Waves are still quite happy on their hands and knees, trading pokemon cards and going round to their friends house to ask if they're allowed to play out. With summer on the horizon and such a distinct lack of pretence in the air, it's a rewarding listen to know there's still value in a catchy chorus.

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