April 2015 Second-Hand Haul

by - Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Despite telling myself I was going to have a month off of clothes spending, I must admit that I have fallen off the wagon once more. That said, this month's purchases have been justified by the fact that they were either A - Free (perks of my job), B - Less than a fiver each or C - Picked up after donating 70+ items to my local charity shops/ebay in a complete wardrobe overhaul.

I've surprised even myself at how non-sentimental I've managed to be about clothing ever since I realised we'd be moving to a smaller house. I've been focusing much more on quality over quantity and have said goodbye to a lot of carbon copies of the same shape, colour or cheap brand (hello Primark) in favour of more interesting, unique pieces in rich bright colours that actually suit me and reflect the way I want to dress as a (supposed) adult.  This has meant my love of one-off vintage has come back in a big way, as well as my love of thrifting - it really is amazing how something can be £40 on the high street one season and then £1.99 in your local Barnados the next. That's not to say there aren't still pieces that I covet in the likes of Topshop and H&M, but it's so much more fulfilling when you really have to rummage and you know that when you do find something, it's going to a good cause.

All rambles aside, here's what I've picked up this month.

Vintage Mink Faux Fur Coat - Sheffield Vintage Kilo Sale
Purple/Burgundy Monsoon Button-Down Skirt - £1.24, eBay
Confetti Print Converse - Birmingham Vintage Kilo Sale

Completely out of reason yes, but I couldn't say no to my very first faux fur - it's the perfect shade and in amazing condition compared to the sort of jacket you can normally find at a vintage sale. The skirt was a top eBay bargain that I can't wait to integrate into 70s style outfits and the converse, well - my pink ones have completely fallen apart and it's nearly festival season! Even better, the confetti logos are actually velcro - so cool! 

Vintage Orange Knitted Sweater Vest - £4, Mind Charity Shop
Vintage Red Embroidered Jumper - £2.50, Huddersfield Open Market

Sweater vests are my kryponite, but it's rare I actually brave them in public for fear of looking like an OAP. This bright orange shade however is something I can easily layer over darker dresses and is perfect for transitional spring weather. The red jumper is to replace my tatty beloved cardigan in the same colour, and I love the feminine floral touch.

Uniqlo Green Roll Neck - £1.99, Oxfam
Marks & Spencer Taupe Pencil Skirt - £3.50, Cancer Research

Roll Necks are my other favourite garment to collect, and with Uniqlo being a great label for staples, this green number got tucked into my shopping bag pronto. Just mustard, oxblood and cream left to find!

Pencil skirts and I usually don't agree, but this one is really well made from a lovely stretchy material. It layers really well with this green top and some loafers too for smart/casual days.

Vintage Mexican Embroidered Shawl - Sheffield Vintage Kilo Sale

Bit of a random find, but I was so drawn to this print that I wrestled it out of a rummage bin and claimed it for my own! I'm not sure I'll actually use it as a shawl, but it currently looks great draped around the back of my office chair to add some colour to the room. 

Dusty Pink Corduroy Jacket - Barnados, £1.99
Brown structured handbag - Oxfam, £1.99

My last clothing purchases of the month, these are probably the ones i'm most excited about as they fit into my plan to go all 70s, all the time. The jacket is a size 16 so a little oversized on me, but that was exactly what I was after and the washed out pink colour is so much more flattering on me than the similar beige jacket I picked up in last month's haul, which will be destined for eBay. You live and learn!

The bag looks black in these pictures, but is actually a really gorgeous deep brown with oxblood undertones, looking much more expensive than it was! It's pretty roomy and I love it's long strap. 


I also bought a teapot and a fruit bowl from Oxfam for our new flat, but I figured I'd save those and include them in next month's inevitable haul! 

What have you been buying recently?

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