March 2015 Charity Shop and Vintage Kilo Sale Haul

by - Sunday, March 22, 2015

They see me haulin', they hatin'... anyone for an obscure Chamillionaire pun? No? Okay then. 

Despite my best intentions to save my pennies for all the furniture I'll need to buy to furnish the beaut new flat I've just signed rental on in Leeds(!), it's been virtually impossible not to treat myself to a few cheeky bits when i've spotted them at work or in my local 'excuse to get out of the house' trips to charity shops. 

I'm far from being a style icon - and clearly not a great photographer either, if these smeary shots are anything to go by - but I think I've managed to snag some really on-trend items for great prices, allocating myself some brownie points for giving to charity along the way. So here we go!

Paisley Blouse - the Glasgow Vintage Kilo Sale
Paisley Dress - originally from H&M, £1.99 in my local Barnados

Paisley-bottomed dress - 99p via eBay
Vintage Jack Wills sailor polo - £1 in Cancer Research

Floral Wool Cardigan - the Newcastle Vintage Kilo Sale
Suede Jacket - £5 from Barnardos

Paisley, paisley, all of the paisley. I simply can't get enough of the print - it's such an easy way to go 70s on a budget. The yellow blouse layered under the blue dress is a bit of a bold colour clashing choice, but one I've been really enjoying wearing - kind of an Orla Kiely vibe. Red is a colour I've been trying to ease in too - the richer oxblood tones suit my skin tone and manage to look autumnal and summery at the same time - a great wardrobe investment. I could hardly believe my eyes at the Fred Perry - it's such a unique neck shape and fits so well for £1.

As for the suede jacket, it was a little on the pricey side for a charity shop buy, but who am I to say no to suede? Unlike so many charity shop purchases, it fits so well, and I'm counting down the days until the weather is springlike enough to throw it on with a simple denim skirt and band tee.

What bargains have you been snapping up recently?

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