10 reasons why working from home is the best thing ever

by - Wednesday, March 25, 2015

As I may have alluded to a few times on here, I got a new job in January, and have been working from home ever since. As events and brand manager for a vintage company, I spend my week promoting our events, running our social media accounts and organising logistics. My weekend consist of travelling the country to host sales, meeting customers and generally spreading the word about the genius of shopping for vintage by weight. Quite frankly, I have seriously landed on my feet.

There is no doubt whatsoever about the fact that I adore my job and feel incredibly lucky to be doing something I love less than a year after graduating from university, but I'd be lying if I said the past few months hadn't been quite the transition. Before now, I'd been working in an office and was used to chatting to people (including my boyfriend, who worked on the floor upstairs) throughout the day, having a regular lunch break and generally knowing that when five o'clock came, I could shut down my computer and not think about work again until 9am the next day.

My new lifestyle requires me to be a little more on the ball with things like emails and facebook messages, which can mean that some days don't start until 12pm but last until 8pm. I no longer get weekends off, have to keep on top of my own finances and have to work that little bit harder to motivate myself into productivity. Luckily, I'm the sort of person who quite enjoys this level of autonomy, but it is certainly not for everyone, and it can get you down from time to time when the height of your social interaction for the day is a quick chat with the postman.

That said, the benefits of working from home, for me personally at least, greatly outweigh the negatives. Here are 10 reasons why...

Monday morning dread, begone
The thing I love most about my job is that I never, ever have the Sunday evening blues. With a schedule that I get to decide for myself, I can plan ahead and make sure that a busy weekend of work results in a more relaxing monday, or a little lie-in but a later afternoon. Generally speaking, I try and get the bulk of my day's activity done under traditional 9-5 hours, but it does wonders for your motivation knowing that you are in control of how the week is going to pan out.

Avoiding annoying commutes
The joy of being able to wake at 8.30am, have a leisurely breakfast in my jammies and then meander over to my desk in time for 9 still hasn't got old for me. Not just for the extra sleep time, but for missing out entirely on dull grey commutes, overcrowded trains and miserable faces. Plus, when I'm done for the day, I can go from desk to sofa in 10 seconds flat. Bliss.

Choosing your own uniform
It's often assumed that freelancers/people who work from home spend the whole day tapping away in their pyjamas, but I've found that getting up, showered and properly dressed is the best way to get yourself going, even if you are working from home. That said, it's lovely knowing that you can wear whatever feels comfiest or just feels 'right' that day, without worrying about outfit-repeating or taming your hair. Plus, getting dressed up to go properly 'out' of an evening suddenly feels like a mega-exciting treat.

Home cooked lunches
Without the need for overpriced supermarket meal deals, being able to get in my own kitchen at lunchtimes has done wonders for my bank balance. Sure, there's still plenty of work to be done here (mid afternoon sugar-fests and I have become far too close friends recently), but it's really nice to be able to have something warming and filling in my own time in the middle of the day. Looking forward, I'm hoping to eat my main meal at lunchtime and only have something light for tea, which will be really good for my general health.

Sole control of the office stereo
Luckily at my old job, the choice of music was a fairly democratic thing and was usually quite pleasant, but it is quite the treat knowing that nobody has to know about your Friday morning Panic! At The Disco session. Well, if you remember to put your Spotify on 'private session' mode that is.

The absence of explanations
Office drama? There isn't any. Well, not unless you count the binge-watching of 'Gossip Girl' on Netflix in the background while you nail that to-do list. Unfortunately I haven't been too well recently with a nasty illness, and it's been such a relief knowing that I can pop to my appointments without having to constantly explain myself or deliver extensive sick notes and overtime forms. I'm lucky enough that even though I work alone day to day, I communicate with my lovely colleagues daily via instant messaging and they are more than supportive when life gets in the way of traditional working hours. Which leads me onto...

Home comforts
In a traditional job, taking a sick day normally means that you feel absolutely dire, and you probably end up feeling guilty anyway for taking the time. While being self-employed can make it very difficult to maintain a home/work distance, sometimes all you need is a bed day, and that's much easier to do when you work from home anyway. I take loads of comfort from having the telly on in the background as I work, or catching up with some housework in my 'lunch break.' It can be very easy to get lonely or lethargic staring at the same four walls, so it's important to know that some days, it's okay to step away from the computer and do some personal stuff.

Celebrating social media
As a brand manager, I have to be on top of social media constantly, meaning frequent refreshing of Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout the day. Even in a traditional marketing or pr job, it's easy to feel self-conscious for spending 'too much time' on these platforms, or appearing like you're not doing 'proper' work. I'm really appreciative to have a job that requires me to chat with customers, follow the latest trends and integrate my own personality into our web presence - another great way to beat any feelings of isolation.

Life feels cheaper (and less hectic)
The ability to enjoy off-peak visits to the gym and mid-afternoon meetings means saving loads of money on travel. It's also lovely to pop to the shops or run errands when the streets are nice and quiet. As an extra bonus, using your own phone and home electricity means some healthy tax deduction when it comes to filing for self-assessment. Win-win all round!

Family, friends and colleagues become more important ever
It's easy to take the people around you for granted when you see them day in, day out. Being on my own all day means I'm genuinely excited to see my boyfriend every evening when he gets home, and look forward to organising lunch meets with my colleagues and visits home to my mum and dad. Working from home and doing a good job takes a lot of discipline, so the time you do get with others suddenly seems all the more precious.

Do you work from home? What are your favourite things about your job?

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