Sunday Seven #22

by - Sunday, January 25, 2015

 Ellie's post about the vintage kilo sale was ace - not least because it's my event! I'm loving my new job and how it gives me a wonderful excuse to engage with lovely bloggers.

I'm gutted to hear that Kate Gabrielle won't be blogging from Scathingly Brilliant anymore - I think it was the first ever blog that I genuinely followed! I can't wait to see what's next for her as she focuses on her business.

I'm super uber jealous of Lucy's Cath Kidston X Gola trainers - how cute is that cloud print!?

Zoe's post about social anxiety was really interesting and wonderfully articulated.

Anneka's vintage hong kong haul has me itching to visit Me & George - hello beautiful dresses for $7!

I am in sheer awe of how Melissa's manages to balance daily posts with a full time job - the girl must never sleep! I love her mustard skirt in these shots.

Noelle's holiday pictures are just dreamy, and her outfits to match - this striped Boden number is perfect for summer.

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