Sunday Seven #19

by - Sunday, January 04, 2015

I find a lot of these 'grow your blog' advice posts to be very smug and not really in line with what blogging should be about in the first place, but Leanne's post about the matter is fair, humble and incredibly useful. Definitely worth a bookmark.

I love Jazz's blog. She may not post as often as some, but I really appreciate her laid-back attitude to blogging and whenever she does post, you can bet that it's a great outfit, just like this ASOS jumper dress. Congrats to her also for bagging a super-cool job at Tatty Devine!

The bloggersphere has been full of inspiring 'my outfits of 2014' posts, but my very favourite was Donna's - a thrifty girl after my own heart! I love seeing bloggers have fun with fashion without always feeling the need to wear a brand new thing.

I also loved Sara's de-haul wardrobe challenge post - having spent most of yesterday clearing out two suitcases full of unloved clothes to go on eBay and to the charity shop, there's no way to better kick-start a year than a good ol' de-clutter.

I've only just discovered Amy's blog Fancy Pants, but it really is to die for - so clean and minimal and full of wonderful outfit inspiration. I particularly love this Topshop embroidered skirt - gutted that it's already sold out!

I'm really excited to hear that Sophie of super-lovely blog The Private Life Of A Girl is writing a book! Even better, it's going to be free to read - iPads and Kindles at the ready...

Last but not least, Olivia's round up of 'What Olivia Did in 2014' was a bit of a hefty read, but a heartening one nonetheless. This lady has always impressed me with her positive and humble attitude despite her increasing popularity, and she deserves every bit of success that she had in 2014 - and hopefully beyond!

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  1. I love these kinds of posts! I definitely agree with you about the 'blogging tips' type posts often coming off as smug, Leanne's is very good though and covers aspects a lot of other posts don't.

    I also think I might have a de-clutter of my wardrobe today and pop some things on eBay!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  2. Ahhh thank you for introducing me to some wonderful new bloggers and your kind words about my thrifty post! Love your blog xx