Sunday Seven #17

by - Sunday, December 21, 2014

 Becky's little bear cookies are just the sweetest, and so simple to make.

I promise I will stop girl-crushing on Sade's style soon, but until then, let's just admire her perfect natural hair one more time.

Hannah's gigs of 2014 run-down made me realise that she was a girl after my own heart - Brand New fans unite! I really miss the days where I was a Music Journalism student, trekking all over the north to review gigs. So much fun.

I'm not normally one for putting your undies on the interwebs, but the gifts that the Pretty Posh oh my Gosh girls recieved from Gossard are just beautiful.

Kristabel's last-minute gift guide made me reconsider my own wishlist - just look at that beautiful dress and heels combo!

Gwen's lamp upcycle is so cute I pinned it straight away to remind myself to do it for my next house. What a lovely gift!

Sophie's post about feminism and victoria secret was a great read - I love seeing more feminism articles on my bloglovin feed.

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  1. Thanks for the feature lovely!

    Felicity xoxo