Sunday Seven #15

by - Sunday, December 07, 2014

Zoe's advice on shopping vintage was spot on, and made me even more excited about what I have to announce next week... eek!

I absolutely love Precious from Ensemble Deux's style. What a darling dress!

Another queen after my vintage-loving heart, Madelaine always nails some great finds. Everyone loves a good burgundy and denim combo.

I was so pleased for Marlena when she received her copy of Rookie magazine with her submission in - there's nothing quite like the thrill of getting a piece included in a publication you love.

Emma's fab piece with feminist icon Julie Burchill has seriously made me think about getting back in proper interviewing again. Great work Emma!

Olivia's post about working from home could not have come at a more useful time - again, I'll tell you all more next week!

Jen's blog is one of my very favourites, and her post 'Why I'm Not A Professional Blogger' made me laugh, smile and nod very vigorously in agreement. This has been one of my favourite posts of the year, let alone the week!

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