Resolutions for 2015

by - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm afraid that when it comes to New Years resolutions, I'm normally something of a sceptic. After all, if you're so unhappy about something, why not go ahead and change it straight away? However, this year, the turn from 2014 to 2015 coincides perfectly with the start of a new job and the six month midpoint until the lease on my current home is up, so it seems like the perfect opportunity to reflect on the things I'd like to improve on with the new year.

Spend more impulsively (within reason)
Anybody who knows me will know that I am the sort of shopper who sees something, won't buy it because I deem it 'too expensive' and am then wracked with regret when it goes out of stock. While I am incredibly proud of my thriftiness in lots of ways (I think I'm the only person I know who finished university and actually had most of my student loan left), now I have a proper job and can afford to treat myself a bit more often, I really should take the opportunity while I am young and responsibility free. While this won't mean weekly ASOS splurges or anything, it will mean that when I see something I genuinely love and it really won't make that much of a dent on my bank balance, I should take the plunge.

Have more fun with fashion and homeware
With factors into my second point! Shopping cheaply means I've often bought things that 'do the job' rather than being truly beautiful. In 2015 my boyfriend and I have plans to move into our first unfurnished home, and I really want to begin to gather items that will last and genuinely mean something to us both - no more boring basics!

Travel more
The beauty of my new job as a vintage marketing manager means that I will be spending most of my weekends in different cities, organising and hosting vintage kilo sales. I can't wait to see more of the country and plan to take lots more photos and blog about my experiences as I travel the country. First stops - Bristol! Incidentally, you can check out our events here.

Write and blog with purpose
I made a good step towards this today - I've decluttered my office, got out the new stationery and have printed off a years calendar with plenty of space to write blog ideas. Blogging is certainly a hobby for me - I have no intentions of planning it with such military finesse that all the fun goes out of it. However, this new approach means that I can remind myself of good ideas for the future, take advantage of good lighting days by forward planning photography and generally keep more on top of the things that are important for me to talk about. Alongside this, I really don't want to let my freelance journalism slip - hopefully I can find the time to pitch a few more articles for publication in 2015.

Listen to more music/consume more culture
When writing my post about my year in music, I was struck by how little gigs I attended in 2014. While I had my reasons - finishing my degree, having a full time office job - working from home now means I am solely in charge of the stereo, and I want to make sure I step out of my comfort zone and listen to a few more new releases this year. Not only will this help me with things to blog about (more reviews!), I really don't want to let my music journalism degree go to waste - there's nothing worse than having to be all like 'who?' every time a friend mentions a new band. Alongside this, I'd also like to read a bit more, but I'm aware that 'consume more culture' is something so huge that it may require time I don't really have... baby steps!

Tick off the boring bits
Start learning to drive, start properly filing my invoices, become a bit more creative in the kitchen and learn to declutter old childish possessions - that's right, in 2015, I want to finally tackle those boring parts of being an adult.

Believe in myself!
It's a cheesy one, but lots of things happened to me in 2014 that seemed 'lucky', but looking back, they were all things that I'd worked hard for and deserved. In 2015, I plan to say yes more (when appropriate), and have the confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to both work and leisure. Everybody learns by making mistakes, and while 2015 is sure to be full of them, I'll hopefully be revisiting this post in a years times feeling grateful for all the new things I have learned because of my willingness to take a risk and not overthink simple decisions.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

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  1. Sounds like you have some wonderful resolutions! I especially agree with the first is one of my favorite past times hehe :)

  2. Hi Jenessa,
    What a lovely post. I think your last one is so so important! I am working on this too as I think it opens up so many doors when you have self confidence and belief. One of my favourite quotes is 'doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will do' and I am going to try and live by this in 2015!

    Love Sarah (from fabulous Yorkshire bloggers!) xxx