50 Shades of Grey - My love affair with minimal clothing

by - Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm not sure whether it's the fact that I've entered my twenties, I've been working in my first office jobs for the past three months or something else entirely, but I just can't get enough of subtle shades at the moment. While I will always be a pattern lover at heart, I've found myself looking towards the softer end of the spectrum, picking out lots more greys, whites and creams to fill the simpler end of my wardrobe. It's amazing how a very basic staples can really help pull an outfit 'together' instead of it just being a mismatch of cosy items. 

Although my job means I have a little more money than I did when I was a student, I'm still trying to be a careful spender. Shops like H&M and ASOS mean that you can get amazing staples without having to break the bank. 

This dress was an absolute steal for £15 from Dorothy Perkins (still available here). I didn't expect it to be quite so flattering - the length is really demure and it's made from a lovely chiffony material. Unfortunately, I've since noticed that mine has a tiny pull in it (after taking the tags off, boo) so I'm going to go and plead for a replacement, but to be honest it's still fairly unnoticeable. 


Plain tops are something I never really had, but now cannot appreciate more - layering under dresses for warmth, throwing on with jeans for quick outings to the shops, under dungarees...the list is pretty much endless. The grey one on the left was £4 from Primark - I was devastated when they stopped their 'neppy' range as it's so easy to wear, so when I saw them come back in I made sure to pick one up. The right is from H&M - they have it in a million colours but I loved how thick, figure hugging and high-quality this slightly speckled number was - much more expensive looking than it was.

This silver speckle cardigan from ASDA (available here) is literally the stuff of dreams. I bought it to wear with a dress for the Christmas party, adding just enough glitter to feel festive without being tacky (hopefully). However, I'm also planning on wearing it buttoned up fully with a collared blouse and a pretty skirt - who doesn't love a bit of shimmer? At £14, you can't go far wrong. 

A bit of a cheat purchase, as I promised myself that when it came to shoes I would only buy long-lasting ones, but these £4 Primark pumps came in massively handy when my christmas party heels got too much. It's a shame the heel is so non-existent, because the upper is really pretty, a soft suede-like finish in a lovely delicate grey. I'll be searching for something similar but more durable very soon.

Lastly, this cute little Pull and Bear dress fell into my ASOS shopping bag, due to it's crazy £6.50 pricetag. Again, the quality was beautiful, with a lace overlay that adds a little interest to what is otherwise a fairly plain dress. It sounds silly, but I have only just really realised that white/cream does actually suit me, and this dress looks great softened up with an unbuttoned denim skirt and my cherry-red Docs. 


What have you been buying recently? 

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